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Always Three sides to the story


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A FB post popped up this morning from the singer of a new area band that did a gig at a bar over an hour away from his hometown:

Attention All Bands! Those who know me know I dont lie or cheat! Do Not book at (BAR XXX) They screwed (BAND X) out of $300.00! We played an Extra Hour because the crowd Loved us and (BAR XXX) F-d us out of $300.00! Stay Away!!!

So of course I replied along with a few musicians with a "that sucks and we'll stay away" kind of thing and then I get a message from someone who plays the place regularly who knows the bar owner. 

they were paid the $ that it was booked for.

then he demanded $300 more, because it was farther away than he thought, plus they played an extra set (which the bar did not ask for nor was going to pay for).

it's sad .. 

there's a number of us who know the owner and that bar very well.

The Owner said after last night she will never book another band from out of the area ... since they had no draw and wouldn't have given the date to someone who wanted $700. ($400 was the original price + extra $300)

and then to do this..

Looks like this may backfire on this band. The singer of (BAND X) is also posting on the facebook pages of clubs over and over saying stuff like: Everyone has been asking when (BAND X) is playing! or (BAND X) is so awesome they are will KILL at your club! It's usually a reply to an event post for another band. uggh!.

IMO not a good way of getting the bar/club's attention 

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Almost all of it went down in a closed private FB group. The singer is still insisting that their band was booked for $700 from the start.

Something doesn't seem right:

They are a new band, (played 3 or 4 gigs)

unknown players

this gig was 1hr and a half away. 

I can't see a bar owner in northeastern PA agreeing to $700 for a new unknown rock band. 

I have been shafted by bar owners before but never called them out by name on FB. Just vented about them here... hahah! If you call em out by name somewhere like FB IMO it has a good chance of backfiring. I think This did. I will be surprised if the band survives this.

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