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Practicing for a wedding


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So my sister is getting married in October and she asked Meagan and me to play the music for the ceremony.  Most of it is untraditional.  We're doing I can't help falling in love by Elvis, Time After Time and What a Wonderful World before the ceremony and their recessional is You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates.


But...  For the processional she want's a version of pachelbel's canon.  It's a fairly contemporary version with lyrics (I think it's called Dreams Come True).  Anyway, I figured I'd better get practicing.  Here's take one, after about 45 minutes of messing  around.  I apologize, I tried to play it in a bathrobe, but it got in the way :D

The mic on my computer is crap, so ignore the sound of my guitar (plus my strings are nasty - time to change them).  Otherwise, what do you think?

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