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Roland 700 Use with Logic Pro X as a midi keyboard

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Hello everyone, 

For fellow owners of Roland RD-700, has anyone ever tried to set it up with Logic Pro X to use it as a MIDI Keyboard?

I've been trying to use a Bespeco MIDI to USB cable for this purpose, but for some reason, there's nothing coming in or out of Logic. 

Any thoughts on this one?

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Do you have the MIDI channels for both Logic and the Roland keyboard set the same? Is MIDI tx (transmission) turned off on the Roland? If so, you'll need to make sure it's turned on. 

Have you tried hooking your RD-700 up to the Roland editor program? 


If it's working with that, then the keyboard is transmitting and receiving MIDI data just fine, and the issue is something to do with the settings not being set up properly for use with Logic. 

There could be a problem with the MIDI interface you're using too... has it worked for you in the past, or is it brand new?

You should also double check your cables on the MIDI to USB interface to make sure you have the right MIDI connectors plugged into the correct jacks on your Roland. 


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If you're using Logic then you're on a Mac, I'd recommend getting the simple and freely available MIDI Monitor program to start with and be sure you're getting midi input from your external keyboard.


MIDI Monitor really comes in handy!

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