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Those songs I mentioned recording

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Hey, Phil -


Here are those songs I mentioned I was working on. I'd like to produce a CD, but only if I can get these sounding good enough to send out for mastering. Things you'll like knowing:


- The name I use for copywriting is Leon Fullerton. So my website (
) has a whole constellation of fictitious people who populate Leon's world.




- One of them is his imaginary nephew Delmont. I use Del's name here at Harmony Central because I wasn't allowed to register using my own name, Charlie. I'm the guy here on the left playing the dobro:




- The songs were recorded on a Tascam 2488neo using an Audix OM2 dynamic mic. I just record in my basement. Took an audio 101 course once, but really don't know what I'm doing.




- I'm more of a songwriter than player or singer. Not a pro.




- I mostly play acoustic folk and electric blues.




- I'm trying to get the twelve songs to the point where I can give them to an engineer to master and get something back that sounds good.




- The music is geared toward the kinds of people who like non-commercial radio: community radio, public broadcasting.




- The original stereo files are 24-bit AIFFs. Those are what I'll give to the engineer - not the MP3s you'll hear here.




- I want to produce a CD to promote my songwriting.

Here's what I'd like to know:


- ARE WE THERE YET?: Again, I'm trying to figure out if these songs are in good-enough shape that an engineer can make them sound like a real CD of real music. Any advice or comments you have that will get me closest to engineer-ready would be a big help. Of course, I'd love for you to tell me that they're all ready to go out for mastering. But if more work is needed, it would be good to know.




- TRIAGE: The deep six: I don't have to produce twelve songs. If there are any that seem glaringly wrong for any reason, tell me. I'd rather have a strong eight-song CD than a weak twelve-song CD.




- BACKBEAT: How big a problem is the absence of drums? How much would they improve listenability? (Adding them would be a lot more work and expense. Is it work I should seriously consider?)




- PREAMP: Should I spring for a budget channel strip for vocals - for instance, the DBX 286s, the ART Pro Channel II, the ART Tube MP Studio V3, or the PreSonus Studio Channel? If yes, Should I use it to re-sing the vocals or just use it for future recordings?

The songs are way down at the bottom of this page: http://www.thefullertons.net/oberon-...f-samarra.html



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I do like the vids you posted on your site with the drums in a lil better.


I think the drums could still be put in.


The songs are very similar in nature. Chorus's need to stand out more. That's just my opinion for what it's worth.


I think you sound kinda like Shawn Mullins time, but Shawn Mullins does do the same thing all the time.





On that note Jay and Company of Son Volt have a new CD that came out a few weeks ago.

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Hey, Mikeo!


Yep, I heard a cut from the new Son Volt album on the radio today. Really great, as always. You're right Mullens' voice is like mine. Wonder how he gets gigs.


I tried to choose songs that had a lot in common. Didn't throw in any of my blues, country, rock, or surreal, and only one jam thing. Wanted to keep it simple.


Yup, I know drums could be put in. I'm wondering if the SHOULD be put in. If they should, what are the fewest mics I can get away with:


- One mono?

- One mono plus kick and snare mics?

- A stereo pair?

- A stereo pair plus kick and snare mics?

- One mono and a stereo pair?

- One mono, a stereo pair, a kick mic, and a snare mic?


To late to change the choruses. I'll keep it mind for future recordings, though.



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What I'm thinking now:


- Convert each song into pairs of stereo tracks.

- Get a drummer friend to put on headphones and give each song four drum tracks - a stereo pair plus kick and snare.

- Mix it all down into new pairs of stereo tracks with drums.

- Give it all to an engineer to master.


Does that make sense? Is there a better way?





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Well I'm a nobody so my opinion means next to nothing. I just know what I like. I like the songs I could get to play from your website. I like your approach to your music, the musicianship involved as well. I like your voice, but not the way it's recorded/presented. The way it's mixed kind of fights the accompaniment. The songs are rough diamonds though. Just my opinion. which matters only to me I suppose.:smiley-lol:


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Thanks, Joe, that helps a lot!


I've remixed all the mp3s on the site and will be uploading everything this week. You can expect slight improvements.


All comments help. I'm trying to get beyond demo quality. I have a drummer who's agreed to add drums this spring, and that might help a little, too.


My big question is about the vocals. Good enough, or should I re-record them? If I do, I'll want to get a mic preamp. But which?


The basics:


- ART Tube MP/C - Seems to do a lot. Good sound?

- ART Tube MP Studio V3 - How flexible is it? How's the sound?

- Behringer MC 100 Ultragain Pro - Simple, but will it do enough? How will it sound?


The fancy stuff:


- ART Pro Channel II - Comprehensive but complicated.

- DBX 286s - Easy to use, covers several bases, but no tube.

- PreSonus Studio Channel - Does a lot and has a good manual, but it's hard getting answers from them.


As Vinny Barbarino used to say: I'm so confused!

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I don't know that you need to rerecord them. If you have them on separate tracks remixing them would be a good idea. Some compression would help focus them quite a bit.

As far as preamps I think many other folks here could give you better guidance than I.


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