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VERY VERY close to buying this:

The Gainster

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Hmmmm maybe I can't see the pix cause Im at work. I'll have to go try a puter on our other server.

Ah cool! Nice scoots. Now I can see em. I wonder why the other server won't let the pix be shown. Oh well.

Cool Mitch

Are you buyin one for the little woman as well?
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Originally posted by threm

I was close to buying a Stella, too. An older one....


"Stella was the guitar of Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter, Blind Willie McTell, Barbecue Bob Hicks and his brother "Laughing" Charlie Lincoln."


That's more like it.
If I had the money to buy a Stella scooter and sidecar I would use that money to buy a Super 400 instead.

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Originally posted by SorrowAblaze


This is way cooler looking, and cheaper @ around $1,800 MSRP.

The sidecar is
so lame
that is falls into that weird catagory

" So lame it becomes somewhat cool "


Plastic or metal???

Throw away or investment?

150cc or 50cc?

Made in America or made in Japan?

I choose...Metal...investment...150cc...made in America.


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