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  1. Started with basically a Boss RP-2000, went through a lot of pedals, ended with the AxeFX II and haven't played much since my divorce in 2012
  2. Eventide Timefactor - in box with external 3 button switch - $400 Rocktron All Access Ltd (black model) - $620 MJM Blues Devil - $100 J. Everman Fuzz Drive - $90 Electro Harmonix 2880 Super Looper w/updraded memory and EHX 6 button external footswitch - $450
  3. Rich, how is Line 6 coming along with the JTV-59 switching failure problem?
  4. First batch is getting shipped this week. My awesome wife just surprised me by ordering a tobacco 59 yesterday. {censored}ing YES!
  5. Thanks man. Looking for any offers before I put this on the bay. PM me if you are interested.
  6. b.t.w... love the user name.... .Ol' Jack Burton is the man! Thanks man. Gotta love Jack Burton.
  7. I honestly said I would never sell this one, but I need the cash more than I need the guitar. I will definitely regret selling this one.
  8. This is one of if not the coolest guitar I've ever played. Definitely not a museum show-piece, but still an amazing guitar. Plays and sounds great. Born on 16 November, 1978 at the Kalamazoo factory. Modded and used. The coil split doesn't work. Not sure if the pups are original. Enamel on back of neck is removed. Kahler installed. (they cut the original gold truss cover on head to install the string locks). $2900 OBO shipped to lower 48
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