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Anyone here as rabid about their recording gear as they are their pedals?


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My main recording "setup" consists of a 16-channel Alesis MultiMix FW hooked up to my laptop. With it I can record 16-simultaneous tracks, thogu hI rarely need to. I might sell it and get the 8-channel one instead.




If I need hi-fi recording as opposed of the mixer's 16/44, I'll use either my laptop's Echo Indigo or my desktop's M-Audio Delta 44, for 24/96 recording.


I also have a pair of Rode NT5 condenser mics



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I don't own any recording equipment, but it's on the list for the future. I'd like to get a really simple system to start with: some drum mics, an sm57, a small mixer, and box to run it into my Macbook Pro. Maybe a nice preamp to warm things up.


I probably wouldn't care as much if I was in a band right now, cause we'd just write songs and play, worry about recording later. I keep coming up with ideas that I'd like to record though, and I can play drums too so I'd just do it all myself. Might want to pickup a cheap little bass rig at some point too.

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Yup - One man band type studio detailed below :

I host with Ableton Live 6 & it's instrument collection & efx


Colossus & Rapture & several free downloaded synths controlled with an M-Audio Ox 8

Also use (a little) an M-Audio Trigger Finger controller for samples and drum/cymbal hits

EZ Drummer & Guru for drums


Interface is the Alesis MM8 firewire mixer

Mics are a Shure sm81 and a Behringer B1 condensor

with a Behringer mdx2200pro compressor/gate in the send/return of the board


Monitoring by means of an old pair of Sennheiser 560s or Wharfdale Diamond 8.2a Powered with iso pads like crazy underneath them


For guitars, I use both the digitech rp300 (primarily for lead lines) and a M-Audio Black Box. Using the BB as a bass DI for my bass guitar, as well. I don't use the chorus or delays of the pedals any more - using the efx within LIVE for all of that



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I use one mic and record into sound forge.

I have to place it in the center of the instruments so the level is just right.

I obviously know nothing of real recording.


you can actually get excellent results that way :thu:


i remember there was a band a couple of years ago that recorded an album 'live' with just one mic - can't remember their name, but there were about 7 people playing acoustic instruments.

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my recording setup has evolved significantly over the years...


when i started writing songs as a teenager i was using a couple of cheap tape decks to demo and overdub, then saved up for a Tascam 414 cassette 4-track. from there i moved on to a Yamaha MD8 8-track minidisc recorder and then on to Fostex D2424 HD recording.


in the last 4-5 yrs i've moved to computer-based recording.


my current setup (which has been in place for the last 3 years) is :


PC running Cubase SX2.2 for multitracking

+ Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) for editing

+ Motu Mach Five sampler/sample-player

+ small selection of decent plugins; mostly from PSP Audioware, Kjaerhus and BuzzRoom



audio interface is a Motu 828mk2 (firewire version) with RME ADI-8ds plugged in via ADAT for more channels





current preamps of choice are the excellent Dav electronics BG-1 and Mackie Onyx 1620 mixer (also used for monitoring). i monitor through Tannoy (active)Reveals - not the best, but i've had them for a long time and am used to them





selection of mics:

Royer R-121 Ribbon, Groove Tubes GT57 and GT30, AKG c414 B-xls and C4000b

plus a couple of Shure SM57s and Red5 Audio drum mic set




cont >>>

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outboard (i used to have 2 20u racks full :eek:) now consists of :


TC Electronics M-One XL

Digitech RDS-1000 'Time Machine' (delay and modulation)




and some guitar preamps:


Award Sessionmaster AW10 (no tubes, but great sounding. the reason i sold a Triaxis)

Marshall JMP-1

Sansamp RBI

all used with a Palmer PDI-09 speaker sim for late night recording, or for when a DI'd guitar is just more convenient/suitable




i often use my pedals/guitar preamps/amps as outboard effects,

and also have a couple of old Akai S2000 samplers which i haven't used for a while


lastly, i have a Studiologic VMK149 master keyboard - with weighted, hammer-action keys - and old Yamaha upright piano - rescued from a local school; they received a lottery grant to replace all their instruments and were going to throw it away! (also got a box full of battered percussion instruments at the same time - glockenspiels, triangles, sleigh bells etc)



i think that's about it :wave:


* * * * *


going back to the original post, what do i want to buy?


not much really...

possibly a matched pair of small-diaphragm condenser mics

and i'm always on the lookout for another Award Sessionmaster AW10 (or the Classic Bass version) and Digitech RDS-series delays

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True dat. It's one thing to be lusting after a $400 delay pedal, but when you start lusting after a $7000 mic...... in matched pairs....


Not to mention your $30,000 tape machine (used), your $150,000 console (used), and a building custom-built or remodeled to hold and use it all ($500,000-$???). :freak:

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Anyone here as rabid about their recording gear as they are their pedals?


In my case, probably moreso... Heck, I even have a forum under my name for discussing those sorts of things (hint hint ;) ). Not that we can't discuss them here too of course... :D


I'm primarily using Pro Tools, although I own most of the major DAW apps. I use two Yamaha digital boards, a bunch of outboard stuff (preamps, comps, EQ's, effects, etc.), ADAM S3-A and A7 monitors, modified, soffit mounted JBL 4412's and Avant Mixcubes in support of the ADAM's, and have about 60 microphones in my locker - everything from vintage ribbons and tubes to some nice modern stuff. My studio is a 1,200 sq. ft. multi-room setup, located in a converted cinderblock barn at the rear of my home property - we've got a 1/3rd acre lot. The gear lists and pics on my websites are embarassingly out of date. :o

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Not to mention your $30,000 tape machine (used), your $150,000 console (used), and a building custom-built or remodeled to hold and use it all ($500,000-$???).


There are few - very few - tape decks that can fetch $30K these days. About the only thing that can come close to that is probably the Studer A827. I've seen lots of A800's going to less than half that amount, and used Otari, Ampex and other 24 track 2" machines can be had for well under ten grand - easy.


Boards still fetch relatively more, but unless we're talking about a nice API or Neve, or a new / late model SSL (9000J/K), you can get a decent (used) large frame board for under $100K these days.


Room construction - especially if you're going to do it right, with lots of mass, great acoustical design and proper acoustical treatment (decoupling, bass trapping, early reflection control, diffusion, etc.) is still, and probably always will be, expensive. In particular, isolation (especially at low frequencies) generally takes lots of trapped air space, mass and physical decoupling; all of which takes space and costs money, which means they're usually beyond the means of, or not practical for smaller home studios.

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