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now this is what you would call goop


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I was going to buy another Klon until I picked up a used Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro. It was less than half the price and I'll be damed if it didn't sound and respond in a nearly identical way to my old Klon. Highly recommended.


It immediately TROUNCED every overdrive I own or have ever owned...I can say the same for the Maxon DS-830 Distortion Master...It literally killed every distortion pedal I have ever used. Up to that point the ZIM T+2 card and the Keeley modded rat had been sort of distortion benchmarks for me. I A/B'd the DS-830 against them and there was just no comparison. :(


I don't know why I never seriously considered them before but I'm glad I did.


I ended up picking up two of each for both of my rigs. I can't believe how good those damn things are. :eek:

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here's another gooped pedal. reminds me of the black plague.

What if the pedal is broken and needs fixing. Do you ungoop it?



You send it to the builder who replaces the board and ships it back. Its if the company becomes defunct and your $500 pedal breaks that you should be concerned.

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I'm lazy, just give me the damn layout or maybe a byoc cloned klon, but maybe i shouldn't go there...


If you want FREESTOMPBOXES and their layouts ;) ;) you'll have to GOOGLE ;) ;) to get your FREESTOMPBOXES ;) ;) otherwise you won't get your FREESTOMPBOXES ;) ;)


BTW they're not actually free. ;)


Pretty cool place actually, do not fear what you do not know.

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