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  1. That picture describes my entire board. Is that a harpoon scar under her second set of boobs there?
  2. :love: Boss DS-1 Rocktron Blackjack Distortion DOD American Metal Boss Metal Zone Truly Beautiful Disaster
  3. Holy crap! Why have I never heard of this band before? In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, NFA! http://www.last.fm/music/Neutral+Milk+Hotel/In+the+Aeroplane+Over+the+Sea I have no idea...they've been one of my favorite bands for years now. You may also like (and had never heard of) Olivia Tremor Control.
  4. {censored}, why doesn't My Bloody Valentine play Florida? No...but as loud as they are they shouldn't have to...just stick your head out the window when they're playing in Washington...you'll hear them.
  5. Srsly? :poke: I mean.... really?? People are excited about this? That was my initial reaction to this thread too. WTF?!!!
  6. not really my taste in music but this was really cool is this your band? Thanks. It was my previous band. I've got a new band going now and we're just finishing up our first recording which I hope to post here sometime soon.
  7. I just imagine Dinosaur Jr. as being REALLY loud live. They are insanely loud...and bright. I saw J. Mascis and The Fog at Slim's in SF once with Beachwood Sparks opening up for them (I was there to interview J. for Monster Cable when I worked in their marketing department as a copy writer) and J. Mascis cleared the place out after about 3 songs into his set. It was just way too loud and bright for any one to be in the room. You really couldn't hear anything but this loud, shrill blur of sound that made it impossible to distinguish one song from the other. I like his albums and his tone on
  8. Yeah this is what Im thinking. He just put everything in the rack on a board. Probably just so he can change settings easily. That's why I made the switch recently from rack to pedalboard. I had a similar "pedals in a loop switcher" setup. I'm using the Voodoo Lab pedal switchers and Ground Control Pro now, but I'm having a Bradshaw system made that's similar to the on J. Mascis is using.
  9. I want clips of you guys using them! Are they actually usable in a song context? The "keyboard" sounding part in the middle is a POG. http://www.box.net/shared/static/ehcetpm4iq.mp3
  10. well, i'm gonna head to MAE to flog it myself and see how i get along with it. the DL-4 has been my favorite looper for almost 10 years now.....maybe it's time to upgrade I think you'll be impressed. I got it because I was going to pick up a Filter Modeler a Verbzilla and a DL-4...so I got it for the sounds I knew it could make based on my past experience with the 4 series pedals, but I stayed for the ease of use and well executed implementation.
  11. brillo is THE MAN:thu: you are so much cooler than zachman...... I think the main difference between he and I (besides our musical tastes, which were vastly different) is he's kinda ridged in his thinking. I've always been of the point of view that creative expression is a varied and personal thing and there's no "one way" to create great guitar sounds. That being said, my range for what constitutes great guitar sounds is probably much broader than his. Unfortunately, sometimes I can be as cantankerous as he was. But I generally mean it in jest.
  12. Bro, that is a delay pedal with three switches for $399. The M13 is steel, 15 switches, 4 LCD screens for $499. That is a perfect example of why we left off USB. And yes, it is an awesome product. It was supposed to take out the DL4, but I am afraid nothing can take down the MIGHTY DL4!!!! MMUUUAAAHHHHAAA... Just playin. Seriously, the M-13 and the Timefactor are my two favorite "new" products. Don't get me wrong...I think the M-13 is one hell of a box. I revamped my entire rig from a rack setup to a floorboard setup just because of that unit. I ditched my Boss GT-Pro and Vood
  13. both websites dont show nothing but home page... any ohters, so I could browse the catalog online...not GC please! Most of the locals shops here don't have websites with their inventory on them. If your friend makes it out to the East Bay he should check out Starving Musician in Berkeley...great selection of second hand gear at great prices and one of the best boutique pedal selections in the bay area.
  14. Real Guitars, on 15 Lafayette. Great repair shop...lots of quirky stuff that's cool, but insanely overpriced...particularly their amps.
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