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Lovepedal Update!


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We have an ECHO!!

On the bench for the least few months we have been working with a

very unique ECHO device that in my opinion rivals my beloved Cornish and

Chandler units..

In addition, Mr. Cusack (Cusack Music) has implemented his famous tap

tempo circuitry into the design with absolutely STUNNING results!

Intro Price TBA

please check
for further updates



yeah mang

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Yay! Another PT2399 Delay for $300. Wow!



I think we have a winner!


Boutique "echo's" like these are the biggest hoax ever.


If you had a delay pedal with perfect sound reproduction, and an effects loop that allowed you to color only the repeats, you could make your delay sound

like whatever you wanted to - most of the time people are paying more for a delay just because it has a nicer sounding EQ on the repeats than a cheaper Boss or something similar. Especially with a lovetone echo, I am not really expecting crazy oscillation or anything, it's probably just supposed to sound "warm" like an aquapuss.


In my experience, I've found that if you have great tone to begin with, most delays are going to sound good. If you don't, reproducing many times will not make it sound better (but it might remove some harsh highs - or it could just multiply them:thu:)

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