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  1. Been a while. Watching the stream and enjoying his tones. Just curious what is on his board.
  2. SD1 - $34 AnalogMan sun face - w/dial, battery killswitch, led - $210 email me at mrweems@gmail.com for quickest response. Moving to nashville getting rid of a few last things.
  3. Nice! I've got some combination of Brimar and RFT in mine, had tungsram EL84s for a bit but I can't afford to get a quad of those every time one bites the dust. where did you get you tube set? That's extremely similar to whats been in mine. also, i need to retube my ad30. Having some issues with the second channel. not sure yet, but i'm thinking about just doing a jj retube.
  4. SD1 - $34 AM sun face - w/dial, battery killswitch, led - $210 email me at mrweems@gmail.com for quickest response. Moving to nashville getting rid of a few last things.
  5. I'll take it! lol. i've invested way to much into mine to just sell it for how much it would fetch. NOS tubes, different assortment. GE- rectifier. Alnico blues - weber and sweat and tears and blood and vomit and all of that other awesome {censored} from touring an amp.
  6. Buying a car/moving cities. that's some sad {censored}. My inner internet stalker juts pulled up your last rig setup from way back when. I will never sell my Ac30, to many memories. Even though its literally falling apart now
  7. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I've got a few things for sale. All paypal'd and shipped. Tokina 11-16 2.8f NIKON mount - $550 Analogman Sunface BC108 with dial and battery kill switch - $210 Boss SD1 - $34 Please email me at : mrweems@gmail.com for quickest response.
  8. anyone else feel like their band is better than all three acts that are playing right now?
  9. I have an Analogman Sunface BC108. This one is a bit special. It has a sundial It has a battery cut off built into the gain knob. Super cool. I need the money for other things and i prefer my fuzzfactory. $255 shippped/paypal'd. i'll try and get a picture. but its your typical looking sundial BC108 sunface. also, email me for quickest response. mrweems@gmail.com - header needs to say HCFX
  10. This barely makes the cut, but all Elliotts stuff is classic for me, but this one is the one I can't stop listening to lately I'm still ridiculously in love with the Weakerthans stuff too i don't care when or where that album was written or recorded. it holds a very very special place in my heart.
  11. What about having the account your PayPal is hooked into separate from your regular account. When they pay you, remove the cash so if there is a claim PP cannot freeze your money, as none will be there...? i do this every time. this is standard practice for me
  12. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I always look at ads nationally and ask for shipping, I'm sure a lot of other people do it. Furthermore for transactions outside of ebay paypal only protects on non-delivery. If they don't like what you sent they can't do anything about it as long as you got tracking (signature for over 250 i think). it's WELL over $250. I just sent her a message stating my conditions based off you guys recommendation. We shall see on the reply. Based off the sale, I'll just be a little halfway shy of a 5d MK ii and 24-70.
  13. pretty much same for me. i've shipped through CL once or twice, both were fine. maybe ask if the other dude has an account on HCFX or TGP or TDPRI or whatever non guitar related. Photo, selling a lens. Trying to move up to FX.
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