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seeing Kim Gordon + Bill Nace tonight...


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OK.... back home.


the first thing I have to say is... she was using a Lee Ranaldo signature Jazzmaster!!!!!!


the second thing is.... it was great to be next to her, even got to talk a bit after the gig... but the gig didnt get to the full potential, just felt there were compositions there, but they didn't bother to learn them!!!


gear wise, was interesting... but the volume was quite low, so I presume it could have sound a lot better


Kim G

vox > dunlop tremolo > DMM > twin reverb

lee ranaldo JM > TU2 > DD3 > ibanez TS(something) > MXR octave fuzz > Mutron wah/vol > Fender super reverb


Bill Nace

Jagstang > DS1 > mini purple guyatone > Holy Grail >Ampeg Scrambler > TR-2 > PS-3 > some mxr > Super Reverb

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Sonic Youth no mas.



don't remind me


anxious to hear all the new stuff though, from what i have heard - Lee's solo work - is pretty good.


and the Disappears, well, they are my new favorite band, can't wait to hear steve on record with them

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