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  1. Was really hoping it would cop the EHX Hoax tzf sound but so far i havent heard that. Yeah i know its extreme, but not hearing any analog extreme to it from the demos in the fashion of EHX or Moog, which is what i was hoping for. Still would be awesome to have one around
  2. Dig the colors and simplicity. Im hot on green and blue variants right now, i saw that mustang and remembered Phil, he prob had a jizz fit over it, pretty awesome combo
  3. I hate facebook and TGP only shows hollywood ho's on their threads now, plus the clientele are still a bunch of beeatches
  4. Happy New Year to all, may we all get some sweet new gear this year
  5. i think the last full album i listened to was Gang of Four "Hard", i put on pastels for that
  6. i've got the mini moog trem that i pair with the mini moog delay. i've noticed the depth control on it is really finicky, i've always wanted a wiggler as i had the pulsar (big box and small box) and the big box pulsar was the best trem i've had by a long shot. the mini moog is great at subtlety, i either use trem subtle or full on helicopter. the moogs paired together offer great sound scapes that just continued underneath the main signal.
  7. if guys like bieke are coming back, we will rebuild it. i think the censorship sucked as well, big time. you know, for myself and maybe some other people, HCFX was my 1st internet love, my social media, my outlet and information on music and gear and life.trying to not get all sappy here but i think about the future and the amount of knowledge that is kept in the old crowd, its an amazing thing.
  8. I'm back, i saw alot of you guys back on here and Dendy Jarrett helped me re-establish my account that got way out of whack after the change over and made me leave, a huge shout out to Dendy - THANKS!! now what have i missed, has Kestral made an appearance?
  9. Broken Social Scene Do Make Say Think lots of others and lots of pedal builders.....
  10. companyman wrote: I'm willing to bet, no one prods Mike Matthews to do anything.... The dude took on Russian gangsters! this is hilarious
  11. thats the best sounding muff i've heard them put out
  12. i put a mirror on the back of my tele so i could always be in a mirror
  13. good stuff man! your singer sounds a little like Ximena Sari
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