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  1. Was really hoping it would cop the EHX Hoax tzf sound but so far i havent heard that. Yeah i know its extreme, but not hearing any analog extreme to it from the demos in the fashion of EHX or Moog, which is what i was hoping for. Still would be awesome to have one around
  2. Dig the colors and simplicity. Im hot on green and blue variants right now, i saw that mustang and remembered Phil, he prob had a jizz fit over it, pretty awesome combo
  3. I hate facebook and TGP only shows hollywood ho's on their threads now, plus the clientele are still a bunch of beeatches
  4. Happy New Year to all, may we all get some sweet new gear this year
  5. i think the last full album i listened to was Gang of Four "Hard", i put on pastels for that
  6. i've got the mini moog trem that i pair with the mini moog delay. i've noticed the depth control on it is really finicky, i've always wanted a wiggler as i had the pulsar (big box and small box) and the big box pulsar was the best trem i've had by a long shot. the mini moog is great at subtlety, i either use trem subtle or full on helicopter. the moogs paired together offer great sound scapes that just continued underneath the main signal.
  7. if guys like bieke are coming back, we will rebuild it. i think the censorship sucked as well, big time. you know, for myself and maybe some other people, HCFX was my 1st internet love, my social media, my outlet and information on music and gear and life.trying to not get all sappy here but i think about the future and the amount of knowledge that is kept in the old crowd, its an amazing thing.
  8. I'm back, i saw alot of you guys back on here and Dendy Jarrett helped me re-establish my account that got way out of whack after the change over and made me leave, a huge shout out to Dendy - THANKS!! now what have i missed, has Kestral made an appearance?
  9. Originally Posted by DigiTechRep The Timebenders are still AC, they came out way before we switched over to the new DC stuff. I'm glad to see some love for the TB's here though, it is an amazing delay that doesn't get proper credit. tru dat
  10. Originally Posted by ChuckNorris1982 I had the Timebender and really it is an excellent delay. My only complaints were that A) the tracking on the pitch shifting sucks balls for chords, and B) the modulation has just 3 speed settings which don't go fast enough. But, it sounds great and has a tonne of options. dude, these are pretty much my main 2 complaints as well, so far. but the modulation is good, just wish there was a speed and depth
  11. so since i spoke about the timebender. i use to use the DD-20 for about 5 years. it is so dead easy and awesome to program and has settings to change that are actually usable and functional for someone that gigs out, has their settings and rig that they don't want to screw around with. its the ultimate utilitarian delay. i got rid of it because it just was never powerful enough (soundwise) compared to everything else that started coming out in the last few years.
  12. Originally Posted by pbone how are the pitch shifting things? i thought they sounded cheese balls. well i can tell you now that i have it why most of the demoes use the dynamic modes, as the pitch shifted repeats aren't as in your face as with the other setting. the 2 tape modes are really splendid. which is good because i loved the tape mode on the Hardwire DL8. my 2 cents, and granted i've only played through it a week; The Dynamic modes don't seem to react as well as the dynamic mode on say a TC Nova Delay (but that also has THE BEST dynamic mode) doesn't really matter for me as i could give a shit less about dynamic and rhythm mode playing anymore Overall from what i've seen and heard, its a very intuitive i think and has alot of potential, sounds like a digitech delay overall (which is not a bad thing) i've always wanted one for Frisell style delays. the analog and tape modes are very very surprising, way better than boss or line 6. prob not as good as the strymon stuff. but, to add a multitude of pitch settings to the repeats, nothing else can really match it in the regard of applying basically whatever freaking pitch effect to it.
  13. i just got a timebender for xmas, its the tits. i used a dd20 for about 5 years a while back, its the tits too. the timebender has bigger titties
  14. i got to the point a couple of years ago where i just went to guitar volume and ditched volume pedals. once less pedal and more natural sounding sometimes.
  15. my gawd this is a {censored}ing embarassment! at least when i used to make threads on the old DOD Thrashmaster or which delay King Missle used, it was at least comical in nature
  16. is someone out to get me. let me do a follow up review. i snorted coke and drank a 10th of jack when this was wrote. the OD20 is a huge pile of {censored}
  17. Originally Posted by caeman I figured YouTube would give me the information I needed. I started with the music video for "Dr. Blind" and a few others. I didn't listen the whole songs, that would take too much time. Instrumentally, she has some talent. Vocally, nothing about her voice stands out, but it isn't bad. For Soft Skeleton album stuff, which all seems to be dark and mopey, her voices compliments it well. The pop Metric stuff seems fairly standard in sound. She is an attractive middle-age woman. At 38, she has a lot of stage energy. Her softer piano stuff has some stiff competition from Sara Bareilles. and she is hot. /thread
  18. Originally Posted by Sweet Brizown From those pics, it looks like she has no tits anyway...the hell is the point of looking at mosquito bump titties? She probably doesn't own a bra because they don't make one for women with negative tits. No underwear? That would probably be worth it...but I have never understood the male fascination with tiny tits. who is this guy? judging from the avatar, we know what you like
  19. Originally Posted by hotmess I saw Metric back in 2007. Emily was wearing this low-cut zebra print dress. No bra. No underwear. I was front and center. I pretty much saw everything there is to see from her. That is a memory I cherish. too bad you can't put your memories into digital format and sell them
  20. stop this madness she is in my "TOP 3 Singers that get me Hot and Bothered" list Knive Don't Have your Back - music to give you a boner
  21. taken 2 should have been called "Remember those Cornball 80's Sequels?' i was expecting Dolf to jump out and shoot Liam in the face
  22. i've got the perfect picture for this thread!!!
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