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How Music Works


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For those who live in the UK and Australia, Howard Goodall is probably a familiar name, but there's a good chance that he hasn't screened on US TV.


He has done a number of TV series about music, and this one, that screened first in 2004 and has been repeated a few times, I have found of particular value.

I have no music education, and play by ear, but having taken to songwriting, I've been putting together some of the essential building blocks of music theory to help me on my exploration.

I have just re-visited the series and found it of immense value.

I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a few more tools in their songwriting shed.


The series is in 4 parts :

1. Melody

2. Rhythm

3. Harmony

4. Bass


I dare anyone even with a good grounding in music theory to say that they didn't get something of value from this series.


It is all on YouTube with each topic broken into 10 minute segments. Although he begins with Melody as the most important, if you are not comfortable with the classical and earlier periods of music, then I recommend starting with Rhythm, as it is probably more accessible to contemporary musicians.



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