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Eros - from my 2012 EP


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It's honestly my first full song I've ever completed in like 2 years :facepalm:


Thanks for listening! I do welcome any critiques, I will either consider them for the LP or when I get all my tracks done for the EP.


Recorded with

'97 Fender Stratocaster + crusty strings

Digitech RP155 FX pedal

My desktop PC I built


Reaper + it's comp and EQ and verb

GlaceVerb & Ambience reverb plugins

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Hi, Phait!


We've been secretly trying to pull you into the SW forum for a while now. ;) I'm not absolutely sure your song fits our work in progress only rule* -- but if it's the first song you've finished in 2 years, we don't want to discourage you with an over-insistence on the rules. And, if you might end up changing it for the full album, I think we can call that a work-in-progress. :)


*You can get up to speed with the '6 basic, no-nonsense rules' in our Guidelines/Resources sticky.





The long, moody intro will work for some -- and does help set up the full blast part about half way through the song and the introduction of the equally moody fuzz lead.


This really feels like it might make a good intro or maybe outro track for an album. (The song's own outro might be a little lingering to use the track as track one on an album... but then, really, that would depend on track two, y'know? ;) )



Instrumental tracks often generate less detailed commentary here in the SW forum, but that shouldn't be seen as any sort of short shrift, I don't think. It's just that talking about words tends to generate more words (and then more discussion of those words :D ). But an instrumental, on the other hand, is often trickier to helpfully critique, particularly for those of us who lean more toward intuition than theory. Often, one's appreciation of an instrumental track is tied up in vibe and personal preference and sometimes that's hard to articulate. Which, of course, is why we often find ourselves talking about arrangement elements (part of our bailiwick by default as much as anything) or production elements (we try not to get bogged down in aspects covered in other HC forums, but, well, you know, these things get pretty well swirled together in the creative/productive process).

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