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Best free VSTs?


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Hi folks,

Thanks to Lee Flier's advice in another thread, I'm no longer afraid to try a different DAW on my old Mac! So I'm gonna install Reaper tonight and see how it works out.


A RTAS->VST wrapper is probably in my future, so I can continue using some of the non-Waves plugins I have that I can't live without. But I know that I've been missing out on the huge amount of free VSTs that have been available while I've been stuck in RTAS land.


So, what are the best free VSTs out there? EQs, comps, limiters, reverbs, modulators, delays, quirky fx, synths, samplers, everything really.


I'll be doing a lot of googling and downloading over the next week, so hopefully the replies here will give me a head start in separating the wheat from the chaff.


Many thanks in advance,



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I use Win but seen a friend's Mac setup, so based on who I think do Mac versions....



Variety of Sound is all win I'm afraid, but have some great ones. worth checking. The Reaplugs are Mac or WINE compatible?



Molot by vladg (same as link below)




MLimiter -MeldaProduction




Ambience -Magnus

Tal Reverb (more than one version iirc) Togo





freqecho - valhalla

TalDub -Togo


quirky fx

not sure for Mac, I dont have a lot in general



Crystal -Green Oak

Togo has some, I forget the names, good but not my favorite, pretty sure they do Mac versions

Martinic might have some



don't know sorry.


Again sorry if I'm wrong, my best recollection.

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I get quite a bit of use out these free plugs:


Bootsy Ferric

Digitalfishphones Blockfish and Spitfish (still my go-to de-esser)

ReaEQ and ReaComp (from the Reaper plugin bundle)

George Yohng W1 Limiter

Sonalksis FreeG (great trim/gain tool)

SSL Listen Mic Compressor (great if you want something vibey)

SIR 1011 Convolution Reverb*


*I mainly use this with a set of Bricasti M7 impulses that Acousticas made availible for free a while back and some Lexicon impulses.

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Thanks all!


Some of the above aren't compatible with anything before OSX 10.5, but there are plenty that are :thu:


It's a bit disappointing that the SIR convo verb is one of those that doesn't - I was looking forward to hearing some of the Lexicon IRs. In any event, there is loads here to keep me going.


Thanks again!

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I think Blue Cat has some free stuff, and...I can't remember the name exactly, CamelPhat Camel Audio or something like that, which has a cool filter. There was a Fromage filter, which may be the same thing. I can't remember right now. But all this stuff was free and useful and available for Macs.

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