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  1. Good read. But I like my Sennheiser HD600 open back headphones better than any closed back set I have.
  2. Ive been building my own PC's for 30 years. And external drives are not the best storage solution for DAW's. Yes they are great for backup. But even USB 3.0 can not match the "actual" throughput of SATA . You have to remember the "Southbridge" on your daw's motherboard controls all USB and SATA functions. So your not freeing up resources with an external drive.
  3. I'm hoping it will function as a standalone control surface also. I have an older Mackie MCU (midi version) and while it works fine, the DC16 looks pretty cool. And if the price is right, Mackie could have a hit if it does work alone.
  4. Anyone know if the upcoming Mackie DC16 Control Surface will work with DAW's or is it tied to Mackie's DL32R only ? If it will interface with DAW's, will it interface via USB, Firewire or just the Dante interface.
  5. I bought PT10 when it came out. A few years back I was at a point where my DAW of choice, Tracktion 3, was not being supported by Mackie (who owned it at that time). And it was showing its age. So I was shopping around for a new DAW. And I jumped onto the PT bandwagon. Big mistake. While it runs fine, some of the features that Tracktion and other DAW's have as standard features PT's Native doesn't. I would have to go to PT HD to get those features. That's not going to happen. So with my PT license I can get 12, but I see no point, especially with their new update/subscription plan. I did install PT11 but I never use ProTools. I started using Reaper and continued to use Tracktion 3, then Tracktion 4 came out and I was in heaven !! But some of my favorite Slate plugins stopped working with Tracktion 4. I contacted Tracktion and Slate Digital and they both say its the other vendors issue. Pass the buck. I even purchased Tracktion 5 and 6 hoping the issue would be fixed. Well no deal. While Reaper is very stable, I find its GUI kind of overly menu driven. So I downloaded the trial version of Studio One 3 and played with it. I like it and I think its a good fit for me, so I bought it. But back to the PT question. Nope I didn't update to 12, and Im about to remove PT's from my rig. Trade it to a buddy for some gear !!!!!
  6. Mine is about 30 feet behind my house. And of course its well protected, both alarm wise and by fire power. But my home studio is more or less a man cave. Not really open for business. I spend more time playing "Risk" and hanging out with my friends (all old farts like me). And on the occasion I do record others, its always those I want to record and only band members are allowed.
  7. 902 with space bar, 1st try. 890 second. 901 third. 922 fourth
  8. When shopping for a DAW PC if your using a firewire based interface, be sure it has a Texas Instrument firewire chipset. You will have less headaches and compatibility issues. Gigabyte makes some of the most reliable motherboards out there. And trust me I have been building PC's since the ole DOS days.
  9. I have a Mackie Big Knob as mentioned above and love it. Each input and monitor outputs have trim adjustments to get your levels set right. I use Bob Katz "K" system for listening/mixing levels and have the volume knob on the Mackie marked for each level (K-20, K-14 and K-12). Makes it easy to keep that 85db level. But the Mackie Big Knob is a great choice.
  10. These pictures are a few years old. I have added a few more guitars and misc gear to the room. 960 square feet with 10' ceilings. I am going to make a few sound panels this fall to place in the live area, but as is, the overall sound is nice. The control room has been treated and is pretty accurate. Its a 64x30 foot garage/home studio that I built behind my house. The walls are around 8 inches thick. The walls are insulated with 6" of insulation then 2" of dead air space. You can get extremely loud inside and the outside db level is extremely low. The window is where most of that sound comes from. But I live in the boonies, so outside noise isn't an issue anyway. In the ceilings I did R38 throughout. So overall its easy to heat and cool. I will try and update these photos with newer ones asap. But its a nice place to run away to, when I need a break. So its my favorite place
  11. Yes. But I use it only when called for. When mixing bass heavy beats and such. Its hooked up to a footswitch.
  12. I too own a few pairs the Senn. HD202's for tracking. Love them !! They work great for iPod use too. For mixing I do use a pair of KRK's and Senn. HD600's. I really like the HD600's. Man they are so comfortable.
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