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    Simply surround the URL of your picture with [img]...[/img]. That is the most common way of doing it and works on almost every site. Requires a hosting site for the picture - a one time Vbulletin let you load directly from your PC, don't know if that still works but this almost always will


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      Here's the piece I have after stating in a corner for 7 or 8 years.

      Here it is after sanding off the top layer, and going deeper on the corner.

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        I built an acoustic guitar once using "kauri wood" for the top.

        This wood is comes from trees that are over a thousand years old.

        Moreover, the trees actually lived 50,000 years ago. They are pulled out of tar pits in New Zealand where they were preserved in an oxygen free environment through the millenia.

        The wood is very dense. It doesn't have pores or grain structure like regular wood....but it isn't mineralized like petrified wood either. The best way I could describe it would be like a very dense kind of fiberboard to the point of being like a hard plastic. When you rout it or plane it, it sort of crumbles instead of making shavings.

        I didn't have high hopes for using it to make an acoustic guitar....but I had a 15" wide piece that was really stable and without warps so i decided to use it for a 000 size guitar. I used burl mesquite for the back and quartersawn mesquite for the sides. Again I didn't have high hopes for this wildly figured wood but I figured I might as well use it.

        Anyway to my surprize it came out sounding fantastic. The density of the wood brought out lots of bass response and the hardness of the material made for crystal treble response. It's really great sounding.

        The wood has a really pretty, "spun gold" look under finish that you can see if you watch youtube videos about kauri wood:

        "I don't want to be immortalized through my work. I want to be immortalized by not dying." Woody Allen


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          W, I bumped into this discussion on purple heart at OLF - note that they talk about the wood discoloring after exposure to UV light.

          You say that yours is "antique" - does that mean that the surface has been the show face for a long period of time or have you freshly milled or sawn it? I'm just wondering if you are going to experience the color change and if you should be thinking about a UV inhibiting finish.