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  • Mandolin Picks?

    Anybody have some good recommendations for mandolin picks? Also, can anybody recommend some good picking excercises/etudes/tunes for a guitarist with a lazy picking hand who would like to become decent on the mandolin? I do a lot of hybrid picking on the guitar, and I quickly discovered that the mandolin requires some solid picking technique.

    Thanks for reading!

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    When I use a pick for the guitar, I use a medium Fender 351 medium.

    When I play the mandolin I use the heavy gauge 351. I do not like to much flex in a mandolin pick, you let your wrist do the work.

    Lots of guys like a pick called the Blue Chip, including Chris Thile. They are pretty pricey.

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      Here's a link to the Blue Chip site...


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        Thanks, fellas!
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          I know it's a few months since you posted this, but just in case you're still checking back here, check out:

          - The Dunlop Dawg
          - Pro Plec
          - Wegen
          - The Alice celluloid pick

          They vary in price, but they're all cheaper than a Blue Chip!

          Keep on pluckin'!
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            Delmont, thanks for the advice and the PM! Haven't been on here much lately.

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          You're welcome! For us guit pickers, mando is a bear. We all need help!

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