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  1. Hey all-- I am on the search for a delay that can sit behind a guitar solo AND create ambient washes that don't spin out of control until I want them to. I'm going to a big music store this weekend to try a Dunlop Echoplex and a Caroline Kilobyte, but until then, does anybody have recommendations? I've heard good things about Subdecay's Echobox and Anamesis. Trails are preferred, but not required. I really don't like clicky repeats a la the Carbon Copy!! What say you?
  2. An all-original '63 Jaguar, an Eric Johnson strat, some special-edition strat with a chunky, flame maple neck; and a '74 telecaster. All were gorgeous instruments and I was way too destitute to even think about buying one of them.
  3. Forgot about Fralin's P92s. Goldang do those things sound good... Makes the neck pickup way more useable for me than humbuckers, and the bridge just snarls!
  4. I have a Boss DD-7 running into a Caroline reverb, and a Keeley-modified Ibanez analog delay at the end of my chain. The Boss handles long delays and spacey self oscillation, the Caroline does anything from subtle verb to shoegazer panic attack, and the Keeley-Ibanez does ambience and slapback. All three self oscillate exceedingly well, so I get to have lots of fun. If I just need a little space on leads, I usually step on the Keeley-Ibanez.
  5. Dang, dude, that 98 lb Mesa sounds like a beast.
  6. Great amp for some rawk 'n' ROLL. Just had the opportunity to crank mine past noon last weekend (plugged into the High jack, through a 1960ax cabinet). Ran a few pedals (phaser, wah, tremolo, reverb, delay, chorus) through it, boosted it with my Kalamazoo for leads, and I was in fantasyland. I've also used the amp with the R&B/Funk/Rock band I play with, and it performed equally well. Thinking about purchasing a Guytron open-back 2x12 for it. That 4x12 cab sounds freggin' great, but it's way too heavy at 2:30 am. I have a line on one for a good price--what do y'all think? Open back cabs with Marshalls? It comes with Bigtone 55w speakers. Thoughts? --E
  7. Cool. I also thought about changing the spring configuration to a /|\. Don't really wanna do that... I also REALLY don't want to lower the bridge. Sanding it is!
  8. Hey guys, I LOVE my '89 Peavey Tracer Deluxe, but it has a Kahler Spyder system on it that will not stay in tune. I replaced a few bridge and nut clamps that were worn out, I took out the bridge post inserts and glued them back in (they're now rock steady), and I thought that would do the trick. To be sure, it has helped, but I set the guitar up yesterday, hoping to God and Kerry King that the damn thing would stay in tune, and noticed that one of the springs is rubbing against the wood in the body cavity. Could fixing this be the answer to my prayers? Have any of you had this problem? Should I just sand down the paint and wood back there so there's more room between the body and the spring? What do you all think? --E
  9. I have a '62 RI with Tim Shaws (I think) in it. If they're not Tim Shaws, then they're T-tops. Anywho, the bridge and middle sounds are my favorite humbucker sounds in the world right now.
  10. Broke down and got a used CE-2w. It IS NOT ALL HYPE: it is the chorus sound of my dreams.
  11. ^Just did lol. I have heard good things about that Joyo chorus, WRGKMC, but I really dug my CE-2.
  12. Hey everybody, Ever since I flipped my CE-2, I've been gassing for a chorus. I love faux leslie, and I love '80s post punk. I would like to keep the cost of this new chorus pedal below $200 unless a) The Analogman Mini Chorus is trulythe Cat's Pajamas, and b) I say Fugit (as in Patrick) and end up impulsively buying a Subdecay Vitruvian Mod. Also: -Not completely sold on the CE-2w. Seems a lot of hype to me. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong! -Anybody know anything about Arion SCH-1 and SCH-Z reliability? And what about the EWS-modded one? -MXR Micro Chorus? Original or RI? Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend! Ethan
  13. Delmont, thanks for the advice and the PM! Haven't been on here much lately.
  14. Fender's Antigua would be my pick. Looks like a dirty bathroom.
  15. Thanks! Bass player and sax player arranged most of it.
  16. If you play .13s, I REALLY REALLY love the Tony Rice bluegrass ones. The treble frequencies are smooth and pleasing from the first strum, and they last a while. Good price, too.
  17. Consider Page too. When you see him messing with his volume controls on a Les Paul during "Since I've Been Loving You," on The Song Remains the Same film, you'll notice he's very selective about how he rolls them and where he wants them. The change from clean to distorted is entirely from his guitar volume. ^This. I struggled with the same thing until I realized that Joe Perry and Brad Whitford were constantly making adjustments with their right hands in the Aerosmith concert DVD I used to watch as a kid. They'd strum a chord and adjust a volume or tone knob with a pinky, or attack a different section of the strings (near the neck, near the bridge, or somewhere in the middle), or use their fingers to pluck the strings. Experiment with different touches or ways of attacking the instrument. Use your fingers, then a pick, then try a ball peen hammer! Just kidding... But it's important to learn to use your picking hand and volume knobs to control your sound. It might not feel natural at first, but really listen to what's coming out of your amp while you make these slight (or intense) adjustments with your picking hand.
  18. It was five years of good, old-fashioned lessons from two great blues/rock players in my hometown, then incessant YouTube lesson searches (chord melodies, strategies for playing over certain tunes, sick licks, etc.) and a few months of Skype lessons from a kicka$$ jazz player.
  19. Hey all, I have a Boss DD-7, and I recently purchased a Saturnworks micro tap tempo pedal to work with it. What kind of cable should I be using to connect the tap tempo to the delay unit? The manual doesn't specify whether it should be a TRS cable or a regular ol' patch cord; it only reads "connect with a 1/4" phone plug." Should I run to the store and buy a TRS cable, or am I okay to use a 1/4" patch cord? Thanks for reading! --E
  20. A show I'd die for: Headliners: Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta Bass: Tim Lefebvre Guitars (lol): Julian Lage, Michael Landau, Larry Carlton, Jamie Kime, Jimmy Herring Sax: Bob Reynolds Trumpet: Roy Hargrove Keys: Cory Henry Lead Vocals: Ella Fitzgerald and Robert Plant Openers: Joe Pass & Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Westerberg
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