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Rediscovering my love of.....

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  • Rediscovering my love of.....

    1. Heavy distortion - I can't bring myself to use crazy over the top distortion on anything too serious, but every time I plug in, I need to rip for 5 minutes with the gain on 11 just to get my head straight.

    2. Jolly Ranchers - can't....stop....eating....candy.....

    3. Malt Liquor - it tastes lously, and I can afford to drink whatever I want, but for some reason OE has been hitting the spot lately.

    4. sneakers - for a while there I was wearing casual shoes, but screw that.

    I don't know what it is - it seems like things that are beyond my control force me to be more mature, responsible, sensible, serious, etc....and I'm stepping up to the plate - everything's going well w/ the career, the girlfriend, etc. But I think I'm unconsciously revolting against it where I can by doing stuff like this; trying in vain to cling on to that last shimmering glimpse of youth. I didn't even realize until now that I was doing it.

    Anybody else?

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    I've been recently rediscovering my love for early/mid-90's grunge. Recent weeks have found me listening to more Soundgarden, AIC, Nirvana, etc....but not Pearl Jam - they suck

    "Some people never recover from their mother's drinking while pregnant."


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      I've been rediscovering my love of The Cult.

      Electric is an incredible album.
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      Originally Posted by newholland

      good sense NEVER makes good sense when yer movin a mountain of stupid...

      Originally Posted by mseriously30

      I think some people have the "suck" knob on full bore.

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        Astro Boy for me... and fuzz bass.
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          Last night I went to a blues jam again, there's something to be said for walking in with a single keyboard, and an amp, and being able to play, and solo, on any song someone starts playing, without having to be too worried about it. Simplicity can be good.

          But I've got tix to see Dream Theater in two weeks, so I'm sure I'll get over it.
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            My love of acoustic guitars! They're so no-nonsense, you have to wrestle with 'em a bit. I went and saw Neil Young - Heart of Gold last night, loved it. Lots of old acoustic guitboxes featured.

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              I've been trying to rediscover my love for love, but it just ain't workin, so I think I'll eat some jolly ranchers while wearing some sneakers, drinking some malt liquor and playing some heavy distortion.