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  1. Bump - someone snap this thing up! Please!
  2. I wish I could justify keeping it, but I am trying to avoid taking out loans for grad school, and I'll eventually own one again...
  3. I'm trying to pay cash for my first semester of grad school, and it's going to take some painful sacrifices. Up for sale: Trinity Triwatt - built from a kit in April '10 White tolex, black trim. No footswitch relay built in there yet. It sounds glorious, and it really bums me out to sell it. I have gigged it 3 times, and it's seen a handful of band practices, but I haven't played in a band since last September, and the next 3 years will be spent earning my MBA. I would estimate that the tubes have no more than 50 hours on them. In essence, here are the details: Hiwatt DR103 Preamp with 3 inputs (Normal, Bright, Link) Push-pull switch to add gain 2 6V6 tubes in the power section for ~22 watts. Can also run KT66 tubes for ~45 watts with a switch and a bias change. External bias test points and trim pot. In short, this is THE best Hiwatt-ish amp at a reasonable volume I've ever played. It's still REALLY loud when wound up, but is definitely stage friendly. It really, REALLY hurts to sell this amp, but I don't want to be so far in debt when I finish grad school. I will likely build another one at some point. I'll let it go for $900 shipped in original Trinity shipping box with all tubes (not sure what's in the preamp right now, but power tubes are JJ's and I can send along a JAN 12AT7 for the PI). Pics to come
  4. didn't poison the well run tele's into rectifiers? it's not an anomaly. I know that one of the guitarists used a Tele into either a DSL or Recto (can't remember which). Always sounded rad as hell.
  5. Here's one I'd recommend. Put in a lil 59 or whatever tele sc sized HB in the bridge and a coil tap. Then you'll have Tele looks, a heavy sounding bridge pu as well as some in between Strat sounds. Bah - the Tele bridge pickup can get plenty heavy. It's all in the player's hands. Put a hot, thick sounding single coil in there (Duncan Broadcaster would be a good one) and hit the strings hard - lots of midrange grind.
  6. Tele into a highgainer is always tits. As far as suggestions, I would look at a used Hwy 1/Amer Std. if I were in your shoes - the fit and finish of the American stuff is pretty good. Otherwise, the Fender Player's stuff (upgraded MIM) is OK, but I prefer the satin neck of the later 00's American stuff.
  7. Find a band that doesn't suck. Is the suck knob logarithmic or linear?
  8. Perceived and overall "loudness" has more to do with speaker area. A 30W or 50W amp with a 412 will sound "louder" than 100W through a 112 or something. This question is incessantly aksed by bass newbs and is annoying as fuck. Put 300W through an 810 and that'll get you MUCH further than 500W through a 210 or 115. It's pretty simple. But what if it's toob? And I am playing a bass guitar that's orange? And it's tuned to A#? And I'm simultaniously putting my head and rubbing my stomach?
  9. Is anyone saying otherwise? Troll McTrollerson is trying to play the variables game. "What if I stand on my head while this one is playing, and don't while this one is playing?" It's the same damn argument that happens every time - and the real answer is "it depends on all of the variables in play".
  10. Jeeeeeesus. If you want to play on level ground, you run a 1K sine wave through the input and measure the output peak to peak on an o-scope to verify that you have exactly the same output power. Any other "study" uses too many variables. Electrically speaking, a watt is a watt is a watt. It's already been explained WHY tube amps "sound" louder than SS amps. But let's ignore the fact that a NMV Marshall that is advertised at 100 watts could easily be measured at 175 watts full tilt, as that is simply too easy of an explanation. Run a 1K sine wave through a tube amp and a 1K sine wave through a SS amp, running the exact same output wattage with the exact THD into the exact same speaker, and I bet you dollars to donuts that their volume (using a proper meter) would be within 1% of each other.
  11. The time has come to pay my tuition deposit for grad school, and as I'm not gigging, the guitar gear is the first to go on the block. Pedalboard: Pedaltrain PT-2 with gig-bag Bought new last summer, it's seen 2 gigs. In perfect shape. $90 shipped Power supply: BBE Supa-Charger This is a couple of years old but has been well cared for. Includes all cables, original box and manual, etc. $115 shipped Ibanez AD-9 (Original) Hands down my favorite delay. It's got all the wacky analog sounds. This has been well-used. The battery hatch is held on with tape, but the switch is in good shape and all of the knobs work as designed. $150 shipped Fulltone Fulldrive II Pretty sure this was built in '04 or '05. It's got a few scratches, but again, all switches and knobs work as promised. $120 shipped Radial Big Shot ABY This is in perfect condition - it's been used a few times, but I went away from a stereo amp setup. $65 shipped I'll put together package deals if anyone wants more than one thing. Not looking for trades unless you want to trade a check to Carlson School of Management. All shipping is CONUS, outside of CONUS is possible, but will cost more. I won't be on HCAF much due to work, so for the fastest response e-mail me instead. patricknelson1983 AT gmail DOT com
  12. Nuffin? Toss me an offer - I would jump at a Valvetech Hayseed or VAC22....:poke:
  13. I really, really, REALLY need to downsize. I realize that I'm not gigging much, and don't need a 3 channel monster for my current band. You know the details (and if not, feel free to ask), but 3 channels, 2 voicing/gain settings for each channel, footswitchable FX loop, reverb. 100 watts, EL34 power. Awesome sounding amp. HCAF has heard me rave about it. But I really need to go down to something lower wattage and easy to tote around. A few battle scars (some paint worn off on a few knobs, a few scrapes on the non-Tolex covering), but in great working condition. Includes the footswitch. Looking for $1150 shipped within the CONUS.
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