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  • songs in open D tuning

    I have one of my acoustics tuned to open D to play Little Martha by the Allman Bros. The problem is that it's the only song I can play on that guitar. Please share some other good open D tuning songs. I kind of a hack intermediate player but don't mind a challenge.

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    "Meet me in the morning" (Bob Dylan - Blood on the tracks)
    Almost all the songs from Blood on the tracks are in Open D.

    "It hurts me too" (Elmore James)
    Almost all Elmore James songs are in Open D.


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      Jimmy Page has a TON of DADGAD songs:
      "Black Mountain Side"

      Chris Cornell also had a pretty good solo acoustic song in open D on the "Singles" soundtrack called "Seasons".

      Also, there's "The End" by the Doors. I could play that one for hours and hours!
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        Here's Neil Young songs in alternate tunings:

        Neil young

        Actually many songs played in D can be altered to be played in this tuning, makes for great experimentation.

        Here's another alternate tuning site (for this one you may need to go to tab robot to get actual lyrics and chords):

        alternate tuning songs

        Tab Robot


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          Probably half of Joni Mitchell's songs are in open D. Big Yellow Taxi comes to mind.

          Simple traditional things like "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" are very easy to play in this tuning. You can also play around with playing the melody on the two highest strings. A nice effect with all those droning strings, and very effective on a 12 string.


          The above link can get you started with some open chords.

          If you have a spare guitar why not leave it in open D so you can play around with it.

          Mark Hanson has written some good open tuning books. I use a small one with chord diagrams for the most common open tunings.

          If you stick with it you will discover a whole new dimension to your playing.


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            I believe the Black Crowes song She Talks To Angels is in open D - with a capo at 2nd fret.


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              Fred McDowell's "You've Got To Move."
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                Is there anywhere i can find a list of songs in open D?


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                  A lot of country blues instruction books have lots of songs in open D.
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                    Leo Kottke - Watermellon, Echoing Guilowitz
                    John Fahey - Poor Boy
                    Kelly Joe Phelps - almost all his slide work, but much is capoed
                    Blind Boy Fuller - Police Dog Blues
                    traditional - Steel Guitar Rag
                    traditional - Vestapole (a nickname for the tuning)
                    Blind Blake (?) - Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground
                    many many country and Delta blues songs, slide and otherwise

                    One other cool little trick is to take an open G song and move it up (away from the floor) and play it in open D (you can figure out what to do with the first string). Some songs work better than others


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                      Almost all the songs from Blood on the tracks are in Open D.

                      The original recordings (Sept 1974) for BOTT were all in open D but Dylan re-recorded several of them in standard tuning later that year for the official BOTT album. The other songs remaining in open tuning are: Simple Twist Of Fate, Shelter From The Storm, Buckets Of Rain, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.

                      A few songs from Freewheeling were also in open D: Corrina, Down The Highway, Oxford Town, I Shall Be Free.


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                        I think "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" was Blind Willie Johnson--regardless, that's a gorgeous piece.
                        And dumb question--is open D the same as dropped D? I've been wanting to try it out sometime.
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                          And dumb question--is open D the same as dropped D? I've been wanting to try it out sometime.

                          No, dropped D is just standard tuning with the low E string tuned down two semitones to D (makes songs in the key of D sound better since you have the D in the bass).

                          For open D the strings are tuned DADF#AD (the three notes that make up the chord of D) so when you strum all the strings open you get a D chord.


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                            Fred Sokolow has a open tunings beginner dvd lesson available from Stefan Grossman's Guitrar workshop. A couple of previews are on YouTube:



                            I have it and it is not bad for entry level opening tuning. Some nice easy to mid level stuff that will get you up and playing pretty quick.


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                              DADGAD is the same as open G except for the one string