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Holy NGD! Yammy Style...


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  • Holy NGD! Yammy Style...

    don't post too much in this forum anymore but had to share...

    Yamaha CPX-8

    Golly the sound plugged in is just great with UST and Condensor mic. I was going to go all out and get this used Martin but plugged in the Yammy all the way.

    It was $375.00. Not the greates deal ever but I think worth it.

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    Nice! Congrats! Happy NGD.
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      Congrats on the new Yamaha !!

      Enjoy ......



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        Congratulations - very nice guitar.


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          Looks like a nice banger. Is that a surface crack on the top? I'm wondering what the headstock looks like, too.

          HNGD! Congrats.
          I'm just sayin'

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            No surface cracks. There is a clear pickguard on it.


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              Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day.
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                Quote Originally Posted by fingerpicker
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                No surface cracks. There is a clear pickguard on it.

                Yeah, one of my Larrivees has a clear pickguard. People always ask what that is. I've had several people ask if it was residue from some kind of sticker I had on there.

                I always like the clear pickguard on Larrivee. However, now that I have another one with a traditional pickguard, I like that a lot, too. Might have to replace the clear one!


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                  My last few guitars i get a blow dryer and Take the darn thing off!

                  May do it on this guitar too. This Yamaha sounds so nice plugged in.

                  I mean hands down better than any guitar I have had including a Few Taylors, a Gibson, a Breedlove, and My Corts (which are great bang for the buck.)


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                    Beware the pick guard devil. He has mucked up many a guitar leaving his anal smudge in the same spot with each guitar he accosts. He must be stopped.
                    Be back when I get back. TTFN.


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                      Congrats...I do love the Yamahas and that one is really nice looking....Played a MMV today, $200 off at GC...sounding good to me, may go back.
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