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  1. Nice...I like your instrumental track. The guitar sounds great. I've had a Taylor cedar top in and out my hands several times...may pull the trigger soon... Enjoy!
  2. Oh my...I don't know what to say:facepalm:
  3. outdoorgb


    I used to keep my stash and money in mine. But then I got behind in my rent and the landlady sold my guitar! Man was I bummed. OK kids...this is what you call "reading the entire post", then commenting in a way to make one smile... I laughed...nicely done.
  4. outdoorgb


    I have one of each. The guitars they're on are completely different, so there's no way to compare them. I love 'em both. I have a bunch of pinned and one pinlesss...I agree with Krash... And, I love em big, I love em small, I love em all....
  5. I played the FG700S and the FG730S side-by-side at GC last year when I bought one....The FG700S sounds fanfreekingtastic....But I bought the FG730S. I love rosewood. I did make the salesman bring a new one from the back however...The first FG730S did not sound better than the 700...The new one did... Both are on my "must own" list...
  6. Bump for a really good deal. Suprisingly Crafter guitars play and sound pretty nice. I hadn't heard of them until about 2 years ago but I was very impressed buy what a bargain these guitars are for the price. WOW can't believe nobody snatched this up yet. Yes, it is a smoking deal...I was suprised too. So I got a hold of a local music teacher (my first) and said "Find a student who has drive but lacks funds for a good guitar....then give it to him or her..." Just paying it forward. Times are good:thu:
  7. Note: this ad will remain up for a few days while the AC forum reviews a post...I'll take it down by week end...Thanks. Don't want to ship right now. I'm around the Portland Oregon area - will drive a few miles to meet you if interested. I love to drive...No case but I'm looking for one on craigslist. How about $elevnty billion for a $399 guitar? Just need to clear the heard so I'm letting this one go way cheap. Check out the specs...Pics below. It plays great, new strings. Crafter D8/N - excellent condition, light brush marks on pic guard only. Here are the specs from Crafter USA - http://www.crafterusa.com MODEL NAME D8/N BODY STYLE Dreadnought TOP Solid Engelmann spruce BACK Mahogany SIDES Mahogany BRACING A-brace NECK Mahogany WIDTH AT NUT 1-11/16" FRET BOARD Indian Rosewood SCALE LENGTH 25 1/2" NO. OF FRETS 20 MACHINE HEADS Chrome Diecast Tuners with mushroom buttons BRIDGE Indian Rosewood HARDWARE Chrome COLORS Natural FINISH High Gloss UNIQUE FEATURES Dovetail Neck Joint Abalone dot position marks New Crafter Collar Bridge Pin
  8. Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee Larrivee making guitars both in Canada and US I was gonna say Larrivee... Looks like we have it covered... As an owner of an L03R...They rate a best buy in my book...
  9. Just lowered the price to $725 shipped...found a another non-electric Larrivee that I must have...
  10. Trade? NEW 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Ultra Cherry Sunburst Finish With Gig Bag, Strings, Monster Cable etc. (Extras) I would consider a trade for a comparable +/- guitar (I could pay or you could pay depending on deal). Here is what I would consider. Acoustic, no electronics for me. Jumbo, grand auditorium/concert size. Prefer a 1.72" nut or wider but will consider a 1 11/16". I want a guitar to strum and finger pick. I know...I'm vauge:thu:
  11. 1 post...no price...no pics...no condition??? Good luck!
  12. SOLD!!! Larrivee OM-03 SP E with LR Baggs Element Notch Pickup - $725 shipped Purchased new in November 2007 Used for lessons a few months than I purchased an L model. I still pull it out one a month and play it but it needs to go. (I won't put in print that I have too many guitars) Larrivee Specs: http://www.larrivee.com/3_products/products_loadMovie/03%20series/OM03E/load%20movie/OM03E.html No issues with the guitar. Sprice top, Sapel sides and back, all solid wood. Normal strum marks on pick guard. Well cared for, humidity controlled environment, always cased with not played. Upgraded Colosi saddle installed. I
  13. Oh My Goodness!!!! Stop whining and start living. Either burn the damn things, sell them, give them away, or keep them. Stop whining and start living:)
  14. I appreciate these comments a lot. Pro and semi-pro players are farther along than I'll ever be. That said, its not really a matter of technical ability, proficiency, or even talent that makes an artist popular or well received, its simply a matter of how well the whole package connects with the intended audience. A great example is the British opera singer, Paul Potts. This guy absolutely shredded a very tough aria on "Britain's Got Talent" show last year, and has become both an internet and worldwide phenomenon since then. Most people really respond very positively, but there are a few gripers and critics who just can't stand him: all on the basis of so-called technical inferiorities. Fair enough. If you don't like him, you don't like him. "Finger nails on chalkboard" is really extreme, IMHO, but to each his own. There's plenty of popular icons I don't like at all, (can you say, "Elvis Sinatra?") But I wouldn't dare dis either of them because of so-called lack of talent. The Rock and Roll HOF is now battling through this very issue, as "the powers that be" are snubbing dozens of extremely popular acts throughout the 70's and 80's; all because they didn't score enough "originality points", and made boat-loads of money off the bourgeois masses, (like you and me.) If a group or artist connects, give him or her credit. Don't tell people what they ought to like or dislike. If someone has found a way to make that connection, its basically unarguable, no matter what folks think. Anyway... My two cents. Well I agree with this so now we have four cents...
  15. Well for certain if it is two people than it has to be Bush and Cheney...:poke:
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