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Parkwood guitars. I need a brief info on them

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  • Parkwood guitars. I need a brief info on them

    I have an acquaintance who owns one, and he could literally have any guitar in the world, yet he chose a parkwood. I know nothing about parkwoods. Are they any good? Aren't they like guitar center's house brand or something? I'm just curious as to why he went with that guitar, and i refuse to ask him directly because he's just an aquaintance and i don't wanna dig any deeper. so any info on parkwood from you guys would be great. Thanks guys

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    Decent Korean Guitars, made by Samick, AFAIR.


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      Have you checked out their website?

      I've only played one, their maple jumbo, and it was pretty nice...great neck, easy action, the kind of balance you expect from a 17" maple.

      Don't recall if he told me what he paid for it, but he's infamous for being tight with a dollar.
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        For a while they got quite a bit of praise around here but that was a good ways back.I tried a few myself back then.I liked the maple jumbo a lot.The others were ok but IMO the Masterbilts and GAD's of those sizes were better.


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          Yeah, like ^^ everyone says - MIK, came out probably 5-ish years ago as a line of solid-wood acoustics "reasonably" priced. I tried a few at Guitar Center and found them to be nice. The necks were a bit too thin at the nut for my tastes, so I didn't go any further but they were nice for the money.


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            I played them a few times at GC, almost pulled the trigger a few times. Thy have all but dried up completely at my local GC.
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              I wouldn't recommend them. GC use to carry them but I noticed several of them had splits in the tops and or back also a neck issue on one ...
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                Quote Originally Posted by katopp
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                Decent Korean Guitars, made by Samick, AFAIR.

                ^ Close. Made by Cort. A bit more upscale than regular Corts. The "GC house brand" thing was a common misconception. GC had the exclusive rights to sell Parkwod in the US. All models are all solid wood with a thinner-than-usual finish. I've also played a maple jumbo, tuned to drop D. Very impressive. The dreadnaughts were slightly less so but quite nice. Never saw one with issues. Grab one if you get the chance.
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