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Mixing string gauge???

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  • Mixing string gauge???

    Has anyone ever mixed their acoustic strings for ex. top 3 (bass) med. with bottom 3(treble) lights or top 3 light and bottom 3 extra light??? something to think about.

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    It may not be commonly done, but it's done. You can buy mixed sets. If you look around, you can find sets tailored for jazz, bluegrass, etc. Or you can buy individual strings and roll your own sets.
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      yeah do it all the time as I play in alternative tunings - they even supply a service here in the UK whereby you can specify your preferred mix of gauges in one of my favorite brands 'Newtone Masterclass' -


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        I almost always have at least one of my guitars set up with bluegrass strings. Medium gauge on the bass strings and lights on the treble strings.

        I don't do it because of alternative tunings. I never use alternative tunings. I just like the stronger bass sounds I get by using medium bass strings.
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          I guess the classic example of mixed sets, would be Nashville tuning; where I believe the 1st and 2nd are normal, then the 3rd thru 6th are swapped for the small 3rd thru 6th strings from a 12-string set. I've never tried it, but it sounds interesting.
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            I just started using the D'Addario "Bluegrass" gauge which I believe are .012-056. I likes 'em.
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              Has anyone ever mixed their acoustic strings for ex. top 3 (bass) med. with bottom 3(treble) lights or top 3 light and bottom 3 extra light??? something to think about.

              You're guitar probably perfoms the best with nearly the same tension on each string - maybe slightly higher on the bass than trebles - which is the way "sets" are made. If you change that balance too much you will increase (or decrease) the volume of that string, which may or may not be a good thing - you decide.

              I mix strings for a different reason - I play a lot of altered tuning where I am trying to bring the tension back closer to "normal". For example, open C (CGCGCe) has the second string tuned up and the bottom ones way down from normal - a mixed set of lights on top and mediums on the bottom helps balance that. For slide I almost alway increase the guage of the first string. Down tuning usually needs heavier strings. Lastly, if you bend much you might want to drop the first two but keep the others heavier. Experiment and see what works for your style.


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                Nashville tuning.
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