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NGD- Martin Clapton 000-28M

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  • NGD- Martin Clapton 000-28M

    After five times driving the 120 miles to St Louis, to play and look, I finally pulled the trigger. This Eric Clapton 000-28M is # 52 of 461. It has Madagascar Rosewood sides and back. The guitar is a beauty and sound better. To my ears, it is the best sounding acoustic that I have ever heard.


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    Beautiful! HNG Day. May you be as happy as this goat!

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    • Sibba
      Sibba commented
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      In January of 2012, for my looming 60th birthday in March, I started searching the country looking for a 000-258M, and finally located one in Rhode Island, not too far away, since I live in Massachusetts, just north of Boston.

      I found a sunburst model #421 out of 461 and fell in love with it. I shelled out $4,800, took it home, brought it to Mouradian Guitars in Winchester, (if they are good enough to set up Joe Perry's guitars they are good enough for me) and it came back looking pristine and with a sound that couldn't be beat. My buddy that has 4 martins said it sounded alive. Ok everything was good.

      Then as I played it I noticed a dull film on the finish. Martin polish/cleaner did nothing to clear it up, Murphy's wood oil soap didn't help either, I called Martin and they basically said that the finish is so thin on these guitars that it was normal for the finish to be affected by the oil/sweat from your forearm. I told him that my 15 year old Taylor has never had this issue or my other guitars and he got kind of pissed to even try and compare it to a Taylor. He gave me an address of a local Martin Authoirized repair shop, but I have decided to bring it back to Mouradian,

      But then and by accident, i cleaned and polished it again, this time using guitar polich by Peavey, I've had this for a while since I remember buying it from Daddy's Junky Music that closed a few years ago, and low and behold the stainis gone. This polish says it has petroleum distallates adn that must be the difference. I now hope that this is not going to ruin the finish if i keep using it.  

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    The price tag kinda makes me feel like the guy.



    • DJ in FL
      DJ in FL commented
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      That BIG pricetag makes me feel...well BROKE! If I bought it, I would feel...DIVORCED and more broke!
      Contrats on your new family member...a BEAUTY!!

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    Beautiful. Congratulations on a fine guitar. Enjoy!


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      Been playing that one lately at GC. As fine a tone as any acoustic can have!!


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        I think GC carries the 000-28EC. This is different. Madagascar, the land of high-density rosewood, and these guys:

        BTW, congrats! She's a beauty!
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            I am soooooo jealous!!! Congrats!

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              Congratulations. That's one sweet guitar. Post a clip or two when you can. Where in St. Louis did you buy it? I hope it was Music Folk. Great people do deal with. Of course, Fazio's is pretty good too but in my case Music Folk is closer.
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                I think GC carries the 000-28EC. This is different. Madagascar, the land of high-density rosewood, and these guys:

                BTW, congrats! She's a beauty!

                Ah, the hissing cockroach. Lovely.

                BTW... I agree on the guitar, it is a beauty.
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                  Congratulations. The EC is my favorite Martin, and I've never heard it with madagascar rw. Normally I like a bigger guitar, but the sound of that one is spectacular. Wish I had the $ for one.


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                    the mad rose on the back of that looks really great. enjoy.


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                      I got it at Fazio's. I do not know of Music Folk, where are they at and what lines do they carry?

                      I think at some point I may put a pickup on this. Fazio's recommended an LR Baggs. Any suggestions?



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                        Congrats on a GREAT guitar!


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                          That's a beauty!

                          I've got a '99 000-28EC that's the only guitar I've ever played that I'd call perfect.
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