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  1. Given that some folks are averse to having all these guitar deal threads floating around (many posted by me), I propose that we try to consolidate them into a single thread. That way, they will be easily found (and easily ignored by those who aren't interested). Please feel free to post deals that you think are amazing on guitars (or other gear) and I'll update the top post. Also, please feel free to post in your own threads if you like -- I'm just going to maintain this thread for like minded, deal hunting individuals. Also, please don't be put off by the "Official" title -- it is re
  2. So, I've been doing this for a bit over 10 months now and my ears seem to be hearing things they didn't hear before. I went into GC today and tried out a Martin D-41. I had previous tried some Martins and I liked the D-16RE Aura, but I wasn't blown away by anything. So, anyway, I'm playing this D-41 and I'm hearing this deep, rich, ... something -- it's hard to explain. I just start wailing away with some tunes that I new and it all seemed to flow so easily, like all of a sudden I was about 2x as good as I usually am at playing this stuff. I hear folks talking about how special Ma
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