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NGD: Orville by Gibson Les Paul standard 59 RI


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  • NGD: Orville by Gibson Les Paul standard 59 RI

    Yes, today I pickup up my new Les Paul at last. I was already searching for a used Gibson les paul studio, but I saw an advertisement in which an Orville by Gibson (ObG) les Paul standard was being sold.

    I tested it on an custom made Jay cattle bass man with muff tube overdrive.

    First of all the finish, which is almost spotless. I can't find any spots or faults in the nitro lacquer. It has some scratches bit is form '92 so it was to be expected

    Then the specs, it has some really nice specs: Long neck tenon, Lightweight stoptail, Gibson 57 classic PAF humbuckers, Fret-edge binding, HQ Orange drop caps, Nitro laacquer and solid maple plain top. These are specs which you do not find on standard gibsons but on the CS Historic Line.

    He sounds just like you should expect looking at the specs, full and punchy. He sounds still real old-fashioned, just the way I think a vintage les paul sounds. The pickups are standard Gibson pickups (medium output), they sound good, but they are not very special, but very useful. He sounds rather tight and not woolly. Really rock/blues sound and hardrock maybe metal if you reallt push it.

    He plays also very comfortable, the neck is not really thick, however,it has a nice D-shape. It's very light too, it weighs around 7 pounds. As a result of that it resonates beautifully when you play it.

    I compared it to a The Heritage les Paul. The Heritage sounded tighter and more focussed, less open and airy. Much denser but certainly not more squelchy. I think it's better for harder rock/metal. but it wasn't what I was lokking for, not vintaggy. It just sounds more modern.

    Also I compared it to Duesenberg 49'er. This is really a another instrument, the 49'er sounds clearer, more Tele meets les paul. Nice however, but simply not the les paul sounded what I zocht.

    I now have 1 good les paul which certainly doesn't have to be affraid of a Gibson les paul standard. It reminded me of a Historic R9 I played a few weeks ago. That one had a thicker neck, but it just sounded similar.

    And now, for the photo's

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    That is soooo nice!

    Any chance of some clips?
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      I would really love to but I don't own any recording gear, no mics, no toneport like stuff


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        Man! That looks very prestine. Congrats.
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          Looks very nice!

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            Happy New Guitar Day.
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              Great looking OBG...congrats!


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                Thnx and yes, chick in my thread


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                  Awesome score.


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                    Damn nice Always preferred plain tops.
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                      The Heritage sounded tighter and more focussed, less open and airy. Much denser but certainly not more squelchy.

                      Less open and airy you say? Oh, I know what you mean now.


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                        Hahaha you get me now?

                        Well it was really quite cool, I A/B the two guitars, the Heritage sounded more compact and compressed and modern as the ObG sounded more open and airy and vintage.

                        Kinda weird huh?

                        anyway, I'm really glad I bought it, and it has the classis '57 pickups. The neck pickup just smokes and screams Sweet Child of Mine. However the bridge pickup sounds a bit shrill sometimes. I know it can sound very powerfull, it did the day I tested it, but the pickup height got screwed up and now it sounds weaker than it did. Anybody know the correct pickup heigt/answer to my very little problem?


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                          looks great---congrats


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                            that looks realy nice HNGD
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                            And if the neighbor's daughter happens to be in the garden as you walk past, do **************** her in the most righteous way known to mankind and beast alike. After all, you are now wielding a Les Paul and should be expected to act like a rock star.

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