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    Yesterday I went to the GC that's close to my daughters house.
    I brought along my 8502 Tele and ES339 with the intention of trading for one of the closeout PRS.

    I played all of them and a used McArty.
    I like the used one best, a "92" McArty.
    The Mira was second, and the rest I just couldn't jive with.
    At least not enough to trade what I brought.

    I was talking to a friend who works there and told him that I like my PRS SE Custom better.
    I like the tone that comes out of these pickups and the playability is great.
    Just very comfortable.
    Stays in tune great as well.

    How could I like a $500.00 guitar better than a $2000.00 one?
    I son't know, but I do.
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    I think many of us have been there once or twice.
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    and no one ever goes to hell unwillingly."
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      Same with my Strat its a MIM i prefer it to any MIA I have tried in my local store
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      Originally Posted by Minitruth

      Of course. I told 'em you guys were saying they might try to stick furniture
      up my ass. Pics are proof they did not

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        If it's right, it's right. If not, not.


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          1. no company will ever send GC the absolute best examples. if you want a PRS, buy from a shop like Wilcutt Guitars, who specializes in high end equipment and won't accept a dud.

          2. my 50s Classic Tele beats the pants off of every MIA Fender i've ever played.

          like many other things in life, better specs give you a better chance, but it really comes down to the individual guitar.
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            Can't stand the SEs personally. No mojo, all they do is sound and play totally consistent night after night, stay in tune, have some of the clearest pickups and are light and comfortable. Here are my three:


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              Same with my Strat its a MIM i prefer it to any MIA I have tried in my local store

              Ditto- I have only ever played one US Strat I thought was its equal, and it was 3 times as much.

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                It happens.

                I was not impressed with with a custom shop Gibson Les Paul at GC the I went to sam ash played the same guitar and there was a huge difference
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                  If it's right, it's right. If not, not.

                  Very well stated.


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                    I feel the same way about my 3 Hamer Satfs

                    all the guitar I need without the fat
                    R I P Leopardstar

                    Originally Posted by jjpistols
                    yeah it's funny to watch internet idiots talk **************** knowing they've never accomplished a ****************in thing musically


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                      A Great guitar is a Great guitar.
                      Damn Right I got the BLUE'S

                      Ordinary . CAN BE . EXTRAORDINARY.. follow your DREAM!


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                        Am I Crazy
                        How could I like a $500.00 guitar better than a $2000.00 one?
                        I son't know, but I do.

                        You ain't crazy, just smarter than most.


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                          The Mira and McCarty are also my favorite PRSi. however, i have been getting more and more fond of the CE 22 and CU 22 i've played a couple times at Guitar Center and Maple Street Guitars, respectively.

                          But yeah, among the others, for me the Mira and McCarty are just pumped with mojo.


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                            It happens. I broke my #1 Epi G400 a few days before my first gig. I had to use my bandmate's Gibby SG Standard. It was a nice guitar, but I couldn't bond with it. That being said, I recently fell in love with a SG Classic at my local guitar center. If everything goes well, it will be my next gutar.
                            Originally Posted by GordonFreeman

                            Seriously now, are you all so IQ challenged that in 50+ pages no one yet stepped in to get it over and move on? Wow.
                            If you STILL laugh at more poncho/**************** sauce posts, you must be medically brain dead. And by that I mean very, very stupid.


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                              oh, and of course i love the SE's as well. very underrated guitars. my SE Soapbar is brilliant!