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SX/Rondo SJM / Liquid model. Thoughts please.


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  • SX/Rondo SJM / Liquid model. Thoughts please.

    Sorry for (yet another) Rondo thread, but I've got a specific question about the SJM model (now called the "Liquid" and yes I know the headstock has changed as well.)

    I think we all know what I am talking about:

    I have had GAS for one of these for a few years now. I have an SX Tele and an SX P-bass and am still surprised at how nicely finished they are. No, they aren't MIA Fenders, but they are serviceable and I enjoy them.

    Please, without a lot of "cheap guitar" hate, I'd like to hear from anyone and everyone who has one of these or has played them. Just what people think of the overall build, feel and playability.

    I have no reference for Rondo P-90s, and I'd also like to hear what people think of the trem.

    I think these are cool as **************** looking mutated Jazzmaster-ish guitars. I can't swing one at the moment, but in case I am able to score one in the near future, I'd like to hear anything anyone with experience has to say about them.

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    I have one that I have parted together. The one thing that I really didn't like was the bridge. The stings seemed to loose to be comfortable to me. If that makes sense. From what I found out that is a common complaint with this model. There is a replacement bridge that you can get or something along those lines. Fender also puts out a anti-string rattle thingymabobber. I didn't go any farther & now it sits in its case in the garage. My experience with the Rondo P-90 is that they are a decent sounding pickup. No real need to rush right out and replace it like you might on of the SX strat single coils. Certainly there are better pups out there but this one is passable.


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      We're talking SJM-62, right?

      I bought one about 3 years ago. Mine needed a setup to make it playable - lowered the bridge, tweaked the truss rod - but other than that it was fine.

      I made this vidi shortly after receiving mine. The guitar still had the original strings on it.

      I think it was JJ who introduced the SJM to the forum, It was his weapon of choice for a while.
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        Bump for morning crowd. Anyone else wanna chime in? I'd appreciate it.
        I don't want to sell my music. I'd like to give it away because where I got it, you didn't have to pay for it.
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          I have a powder blue SJM I'm selling or trading for a cheap tele


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            Here's my review of the SJM-57. SX humbuckers aren't the worst I've heard but warrant replacing. Not mentioned in the review is I'm not in love with the volume knob placement, takes a little getting used to. Otherwise, cool little axe. I'll be modding mine very shortly with a secondary PupSwitch and Rose Pickups. Here's a mock up of what I'm going for:

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              I like the SX P90's I have a set on my SX SST 57. I love the look of the guitar and you can't argue with the price. My only hesitation was that from most reports you had to work with it to make her a player. For a good modder, nor problem. For thumbs McGee... not so much.
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                i have a SX SST mahogany P90

                the pickups are grea, i have no reason to change them. also, i had to do 0 mods on it to make it play well at all.
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                  Mine felt cheap. Super thick finish, cheap bridge/trem hardware, sticky tuners. Not bad for ~$100, but it's no deal of the century.
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                    I had a powdered blue SJM.

                    Its basically what caused my "cheap guitar" hatered. I did not like the SJM at ALL. I installed a roller-tom, had it set up...nothing could stop theat thing from having an obnoxious buzz.

                    My experience was bad.

                    However, my experience with Rondo was excellent. Great people to do business with, i just hated the guitar.


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                      Rondo Music was a great store located in Union, New Jersey until they relocated in the 90's due to the high taxes for business. Well as a current resident of this God Forsaken Mafia place. (NY is worse) they still exist (rondomusic.com) and have come with a totally new and cool plus retro line of great guitars made in China.

                      I found mine on You guessed it. eBay, eBay is great (for fun try buying musical equipment over 100 dollars and bypass their paying method by making the deal with the Seller directly, they do not like that) You can't get more rock and roll than that!.

                      Awesome model it is truly a Surf Machine the original P90's Rock hard. but I needed to a very 1960's organic surfy tone. My Fender Bandmaster gives me the Drip with all the Tubing inside. But the SX Liquid needed something like Surf 90's or 65 Jazzmasters for the Surf Sound. That's just me.

                      Fender probably contacted them about the look; since they look like a Mustang refined. Awesome look and sound. Buy ONE!.

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