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    [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][CENTER][SIZE="6"]Welcome to The Fender[SIZE="2"]

    Paper in oil capacitors £8.
    I have 10 of these capacitors left.
    Will ship international.

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    I have two at the moment, plus a Japanese JV series Squier which I LURVS!!!

    These are mine, but I'm doing a Monterey Pop tribtue strat using the neck from the wood-finished one and the body from the vintage white one... should be done in two or three weeks.

    On to the pics:

    And this one has a body from a MIJ Fender:

    Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius:

    "When it comes to gear vs talent I'll be the first to admit that I sit in the Mayor's seat in Poserville."


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      do partscasters count? If so Im in!

      The neck is CIJ Micawbre (52SPL), and the body CIJ 72 (1 piece ash)...Its my number 1. 7lbs, refinished in nitro, rumpelstilstskin black rope 1950 pickups (13k!)

      52RI Tele
      Gibson SG 1970s Tribute
      more stuff:
      65 Twin Reverb Reissue
      Cox Tweed Deluxe Ultimate

      The REAL Angry


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        I love the Buck Owens Tele


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          Here is my MIJ Strat (early 60's style, ST62-DEX2), with Vintage Vibe Guitars pickups. Sweet.

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            Here are my two Squire Bullets.. On the right. One 3SC, the other 2HB.

            Here's my Squier Super-Sonic

            —-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, friend.


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              I used to have a greenish tigerstripped Foto-Flame Tele. Very good guitar.
              "It's all sratched up, Zuzu"Your wattage may vary


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                I have a CIJ Jaguar
                Fender Jaguar - Fernandes Ravelle - Gretsch Electromatic Jet Baritone
                Korg Pitchblack - EHX LPB-1 - EHX Russian Big Muff - EHX Stereo Pulsar - Digitech Synth-Wah - EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai
                Orange Tiny Terror - Marshall 1936 2x12" - Marshall 1x10" cab - Vox Pathfinder 15R


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                  my jag ,got it early 2000,done alsorts of mods but they are all reversable,love the sound.
                  and my early 80`s jap squier,couple of mods and a botched color job.
                  Consternoon Aftable


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                    Floral, '62 Custom, Paisley

                    Floral Esquire


                    80's Jap


                    JAGS (how could i forget these are CIJ/MIJ!)

                    '10 Gibson ES-355 Custom RI - Cherry'11 Gibson LP 60's Trib - GT'11 Gibson LP Traditional - HCS'11 Gibson J150 - SB'01 Gibson SG 61 Maestro - Cherry'10 Gretsch White Falcon 6136T'11 Rickenbacker 330 - FG'09 Rickenbacker 360/12 - MG'02 Fender Pink Paisley Tele'12 Fender JM Jaguar - White'11 Fender EC Strat - Blackie'89 Fender EC Strat - 7-Up Green'00 Fender 52 AVRI Tele - Blonde'94 Fender Foto-Flame Strat - Cherry S/B'09 Epiphone JL Casino - Nat'11 Epiphone EJ-160E - SB'10 Squier CV50's - White


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                      I'm in:
                      Late 80s / 1983:



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                        my jag ,got it early 2000,done alsorts of mods but they are all reversable,love the sound.
                        and my early 80`s jap squier,couple of mods and a botched color job.
                        howcome mine look like pieces of dog****************e in comparison to every one elses ?
                        Consternoon Aftable


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                          I haz an acoustic

                          But I don't like rules
                          Originally Posted by Frets99
                          I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

                          Member MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA
                          HCGB #251
                          Guitars: F15 Fender Acoustic, F385 Takamine 12 String Acoustic, MIM Fender Strat with BG V60's, MIK Fender Blackout Tele with BG Pure90s, Reverend Manta Ray
                          Amps: Mesa TA-15, White Box 1x12 cab, Crate V18 1-12
                          Some Pedals


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                            I have 2 MIJs. My favorite Strat is a '86.

                            #2 is a '91 - '93 Photo Flame.

                            Originally Posted by customtele

                            And I hate it when my G string goes up my ass.


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                              My Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster CIJ -