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Vox VT20+ vs. Fender Mustang


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  • Vox VT20+ vs. Fender Mustang

    Hey guys,

    So i need a new modelling amp. And for a while i was set on buying a Vox VT 20+ amp however i have heard some great things about the Fender Mustang series.

    Can anyone give me a breakdown of what the two biggest differences between the two amps are? I had an older version of the Vox Vt series and loved the heavy distorted tones, would i be able to get those on the Fender?
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    Not sure about the heavy tones on the little Mustang I, but the Mustang II impressed the heck out of me for the heavy tones.

    I haven't spent much time with the + series Voxes, but I have a Tonelab and had an and AD and a VT series amp. Basically, I'd say the Fender (II) is better at heavy tones and Fender tones and the Vox is better at Vox tones and early/less gainy Marshall tones. The Fender KILLS in the effects department.
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      I'm not sure distorted tones are the Mustang's sweet spot, but you can get some useable tones from it on that end of the spectrum.
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        These videos will help. They demo the Mustang II and the Vox VT40+ (close enough). If I recall correctly, they only use the factory presets on the Vox, which isn't really fair, but it's still a good comparison of the amps. The Mustang is in the first video, and the Vox in the second.

        **edit - these guys prefer the Mustang.
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          As long as it's the MII and not the M1, the Mustang is better than the Vox IMO (and I have had variations of both).


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            I don't know about the Vox, Mustang 1 or 2..... but the Mustang 3 is amazing for $299 retail.


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              I prefer the Mustang to the Vox. Tried them both out the other day in our local music store. The Vox sounded boxy in comparison. Probably had to do with a 10inch speaker vs a 12inch.
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