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  • June Spam!!

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here!

    All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    By popular demand:

    1) All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    2) Only one post per item per person. If you "update" your price and bump your post, YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

    3) If you are a repeat offender you will be given a temp ban.

    4) Haggling and questions do not belong in this thread. If you have a question, send a PM to the person.

    5) Do not "quote" somebodies post with their huge photos in it. If you think they have nice gear, send them a PM.

    6) Do not criticize the price someone chooses to set for their gear. It's their gear, they can sell it for whatever they want. If the price is wrong, it won't sell, not your problem, let them worry about it.

    7) Only music related gear should be posted for sale here. If you have video games, iPods, or lawn mowers, post those in the classifieds forum, not here.

    Campbell UK-1

    NEA Klon Klone

    Best Guitar Cable money can buy GUITARTEC REPAIR at Barnstorm Music 98 Main St. (Rt. 109) Medway, MA 401 352-4653

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      Lightly used set of Seymour Duncan Jazzmaster pickups. Bridge is a Quarter Pound. Neck is a Hot Jazzmaster. Mint condition. No covers.

      $40 per pickup. $75 for the set.

      Prices include shipping to the continental USA. Payments via Paypal gift.

      Hot JM

      QP JM

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      • PunkKitty
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        This is a mint condition set of Joe Barden soapbar pickups. I briefly had them installed but I don't need them anymore. Full length leads. All screws, caps, and original packing material included. Will ship in original packaging.
        $220 shipped to continental USA.



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      Another sweet handmade Zvex-based circuit.  This one's 2 GuitarPCB SHO 'Nuff's in series, kinda like the Super Duper, but with two master volumes and noise-reducing circuitry.  It's a really nice boost and super-transparent overdrive in one.




      Industrial stomps, Neutrik jacks, aluminum knobs, carefully hand-wired and tuned: the works!





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      The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.


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        Look at me - page 1!


        2003 Les Pau Studio with Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries and push/pull coil split wiring


        Details here - http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/2003-Les-Paul-Studio-w-Dimarzio-36th-Anniversary-pickups/td-p/35414231


        $750, or trade me something cool



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          2005 Washburn Custom Shop USA Maya Dan Donegan Model.  Not some cheesy import

          $750 shipped CON US firm. No international shipping
          Big chunky neck so if you like skinny shredder style this might not be for you.
          Mahogany body with maple cap
          Mahogany neck
          String thru-body
          Seymour Duncan

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          Good deals with chad-ro, remolution. Lee777, MatrixClaw, lesmanaz, drmojoxl


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            Looking to trade for another fuzz.  I would really like to try an Astrotone.  I can add cash to the right deal.



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            • jw10
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              sunburst MIM strat good conditon,

              dean boca twelve string - mint


              PM me with any offer, im flexible

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            $1300 shipped PP Con US

            jackson2.jpgjackson2.jpgI'm also parting with my USA Jackson Soloist.  I'm not certain about the exact model but this seems to be the SL1T model.  Two single coil Seymour Duncan Classic Stack humbuckers, one dual coil JB humbucker in bridge position.  TOM bridge and string through body.  Also has neck through body design, compound radius neck profile,  24 frets and flame maple top with matching headstock.   I've had the tone pot changed to a push pull to split the bridge humbucker which gets you single coil output from an otherwise very hot pickup. 

            Guitar has only two small dings neither that goes through the finish. 

            Been babied since I got it in 2004.  I haven't been able to get an exact year from the serial number but I can share it with you if interested.  Comes with original case. 

            Plays really fast and nice with an ebony fretboard and nice jumbo frets. 


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            Good deals with chad-ro, remolution. Lee777, MatrixClaw, lesmanaz, drmojoxl


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              1976 Ampeg VT-22 head cab'd. (It's a V4 with reverb). $400 local in ATL or you can pay shipping if you need to.  Hit me up rodom531(at)gmail.com for pics and details.


              Good Deals: MadMax808 (x 2), Dr. Picklebottom, WAWBanks, guitarslinger, angelhair0, AaronSS, chrisjnyc, dgarriso, duderanimous...


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                FA: Sandoval Strat bridge and pickguard (Jackson/Charvel) From a one owner custom SANDOVAL from the early '80's Perfect for restoration, or reproduction.


                99 cents, No Reserve!!


                http://www.ebay.com/sch/kloolis/m.html?item=161041542133&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX% 3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

                Originally Posted by GarysBlues

                Fact is he passed away many years ago.
                But he's a Living Legend for sure.

                Originally Posted by Stubacca

                This kid is seriously and idiot!


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                  1999 Ibanez Prestige RG570 AANJ Body Finished In Grey Nickel

                  Body is structurally excellent, player shape cosmetically.  Includes original stud inserts for Edge or Lo Pro Edge. 

                  Pics & Auction



                  Ibanez RG/JEM/JS/S Barrel-Style Output Jack

                  Great condition.

                  Pics & Auction


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                  • TeleFromHelly
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                    New Dean Cadillac 1980 shipped double boxed $449

                     photo DSC039860002.jpg photo DSC039870003.jpg photo DSC039880004.jpg photo DSC039890005.jpg photo DSC039900006.jpg

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                  For sale, audited trios of NOS Mullard AC-128K germanium PNP transistors for Tonebender Professional MKII circuit (OC75 version). These sound great for lower gain Tonebender builds or what ever fuzz might strike your fancy. Offers and trades considered. You don't often see Mullards anymore, particularly ones you know the gain and leakage before you buy. I'm asking $14.00 per set postage paid in the USA, paypal accepted. Offers and trades considered as well. Overseas I'll need to add a little more to cover postage. Langrex is selling these for about $9.50 each plus postage right now, for comparison. First come first serve on which set you want. Contact me first (modellurker at yahoo dot com) to reserve a set, then I'll give you the payment info. PM is also fine, but I check my e-mail more regularly. I'm lowbrow on pretty much all the ideal/guitar and amp forums, and Indychamps on ebay. I've got a good trading history on Harmony Central and the gear page and 100% positive feedback on ebay.



                  Set  Q1  Q2  Q3 (source -9.62V)


                  6  62/275  77/279  89/320 

                  7  60/243  77/283  88/518

                  8  60/283  74/437  87/400

                  10 53/311  73/279  84/315

                  13 69/340  78/388  93/429

                  14 69/336  76/316  91/405

                  15 65/247  75/227  83/352

                  16 63/243  73/295  81/344




                  I make hand painted vintage style fuzzes: http://www.lowbroweffects.com


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                    I'm looking to sell my Mason partsocaster, put together by forum member Atrox. I wouldn't want to part with it, but while I'm finishing my MS degree, I could use the rent money and I don't play out at all anymore. I built my other electric, so this one has slightly less emotional attachment.

                     DSCN0058.JPG DSCN0055.JPG


                    The bridge humbucker is a SD JB Jr. The middle and neck are Rose hand-wound mariposas, not the $30 set they used to sell. I have the bridge single coil too. The neck was made by Warmoth and has a fairly flat compound (I believe) radius fretboard. The saddles, nut, and trees are from Graphtech. I don't know the origin of the other parts.

                    The Bad: The guitar looks - and is - very rough. The body has a multitude of nicks, dings, and scratches, and the neck has a few as well. The neck was refretted with large stainless steel (I believe) frets, which are not beveled down on the ends. This bothered me originally and I intended to angle them down for smoother play - then a day or two later I stopped noticing and left them as is. It will probably bug you too, though, at least at first. Again, the fret ends don't stick out at all; they just aren't angled down properly. There is a small amount of buzz around the 12th fret on the upper strings if you use a light touch. It never bothered me, but I want to be open about it; if you're pickier than I am, you may have a problem with it. There are a few chips in the fretboard. The tone pots are scratchy, the input jack is loose, and the wiring inside should be redone. None of this is difficult to do, but I have no tools with me right now in my new city, so the work is on you. Don't buy this guitar as a gift for someone you like, please. I love this guitar and used to play it out quite a bit, but getting it back to 100\% will take some work. You've been warned.

                    The Good: This thing sounds fantastic. I can't give the Rose pickups enough praise. The JB jr. is nice too if you play with a bit of distortion. The neck is the perfect shape for my hands and feels a little wider and thicker than most of the import strats that sell for this price. It stays in tune very well, possibly due in part to the Graphtech saddles, nut, and string trees. I would say that it plays nicely too, though as I said before, many may take issue with the unangled fret ends. It has the typical classy Mason Black on Black look.

                    Again, read my description of the guitar's problems carefully. I don't want anyone expecting a perfect ready-to-rock instrument, because this one needs some work and looks rough. It's a great base to start from, though, since all the main parts are quality and it sounds excellent. I'll throw in an equally rough gig bag.

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                      Pickups for sale BG and GFS, need a little extra cash so I'm parting with some pickups.

                      All pickups have been soldered/unsoldered, not cut.

                      Pickups only, no rings or screws/springs included unless stated otherwise.

                      $55 BG Hellabucker bridge black
                      4 conductor for splitting

                      $70 BG Phatty strat set, white covers and screws/springs included

                      Originally Posted by Frets99

                      All guitars cost $300.
                      What you pay depends on the headstock.