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  1. Bobbins- not pole pieces I have a Novak WRHB in HB form and even with 500k pots it gives me a tone I don't otherwise have (using it as a neck pup with a BKP Abraxas in the bridge)
  2. For Sale a Suhr DSV+ F-Spaced Bridge humbucker in black in great shape. Measures 10.08K on my multimeter, but the leads are cuts short to about 3". I can lengthen them for you if you like prior to shipping (I'll do the hot and grounds). $60 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48
  3. For Sale-- an unused Allparts TMO-C. You know them and love 'em. If not here are the specs: 21 tall frets (.079" x .051"), modern Solid maple neck, sanded, unfinished and ready to spray 10" radius Nut width 1-5/8" Heel width 2-3/16" Tuning Peg Hole Diameter .340" Truss Rod adjustment at heel Neck thickness .85" at first fret, .96" at twelfth fret $110 Shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48. BODY SOLD
  4. OP DELETED Big Price drop FS: M13 w/ External Tap Out Mod. I got this recently in a trade, but am pretty much going straight into my amp for playing or recording and adding effects later. In great shape with the box, recent (current as of about a month ago) firmware update and external tap out mod-- allowing you to sync up another delay. was $325..$280 now $260 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48
  5. FS: A couple of older Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge and Cool Rails neck for Strat In "players' condition" cosmetically, but checked both on my multimeter and the bridge read at 16.47K w/ about 7.5" lead and the neck/middle read at 9.6K with about 5" of lead (will probably need to be lengthened). $37 each or $70 shipped/pp'ed for both to the lower 48 I also have 5 Evidence Audio Monorail patch cables with GLS ends. All are about 5-6" long. $25 shipped/pp'ed for all 5 to the lower 48
  6. For sale (no trades please), an F-spaced Bare Knuckle Miracle Man Bridge and a Fralin Pure PAF both in black. I was planning to use these in an upcoming partscaster build, but am going in another direction as I have high gain covered. The MM measures at 17.5K on my meter and the Fralin measures at 8.1K. 10" on the MM and 12" on the PAF. $100 shipped/pp'ed for the BKP and $85 shipped/pp'ed for the Fralin. $175 shipped/pp'ed for both. Shipping to the lower 48 only.
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