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Nov 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS Options


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  • Nov 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS Options

    Post all hot deals here, but no SPAM. SPAM is for the other thread. This is for insane blow out deals that you find online and want to share with your fellow GASsers.

    If you see a blowout on Music123 on Les Pauls for $99, yes, this is where you post that info, etc.

    You can post eBay links you see too, but the eBay links have to be Buy It Nows, not something that is at $1 and still has 10 days left in the auction.

    The RULES:



    Last month we tried a separate discussion thread, but it's just too cumbersome to have a separate thread, so there won't be one anymore.

    From my observations, the majority of people like to talk about the deals in order to decide if they want to buy something. There's typically just a few loud members constantly complaining about the discussions. As long as the discussions are related to the item in question, then the discussion can stay in this thread. If someone starts whining and causes a big flame war about "too much talking" they are going to get a temp ban. Everybody participating in any flame war in this thread will get a temp ban. Just behave yourselves! There is more to life than this internet thready thing.

    3) All new deals must be posted in RED! Or at least the TITLE OF THE DEAL.

    That will help people be able to filter though the pages of discussion and the actual deal posts will pop right out.

    4) Your personal SPAM is not allowed in this thread. If you post SPAM in here, you will get a temp ban. Then no one will be able to buy your crappy gear.

    I repeat - NO SPAM in this thread. That means NO TRADES, NO OFFERS, no selling or getting rid of your own stuff. There's one SPAM thread already for that stuff.

    And as, alway: there is no whining, bitching, complaining or tantrums allowed in this thread. This thread is only for discussing the hot deals. If you missed a hot deal or you hate Musicians Friend, post about it in an outside thread.

    If you buy something in the hot deals thread, and you love it, or hate it, or it bit you in the ass, then post a separate thread about it, this thread ain't for heated discussion.

    Bring em if ya got em!

    Please, no political discussions.

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    NEA Klon Klone

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    Ampeg 1x12 cab

    MF $99 - Celestion Vintage 30.  Today only.


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    How many more guitars do you need? Just one more.


    • aporcelainsky
      aporcelainsky commented
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      thanks, needed a new speaker! even just selling the cab empty I'll probably make my money back lol. 

    • jpnyc
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      hausmann wrote:

      Ampeg 1x12 cab

      MF $99 - Celestion Vintage 30.  Today only.


      Argggggghhh I missed this one. Hopefully GC will blow theirs out next.

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      BC Rich Pro X CJ Pierce signature goldtop w/ duncans at MF only $ 399  list is $1700 and goes for $1099 elsewhere


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        Smokin deals on the Ampegs!


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          bestbuy.com strings 10 sets $10

          Bestbuy.com closeout deals. 10 pack d addarios $10
          Acoustic strings 10 / $15 bass sets $5


          • gdsmithtx
            gdsmithtx commented
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            nomadh wrote:

            bestbuy.com strings 10 sets $10

            Bestbuy.com closeout deals. 10 pack d addarios $10
            Acoustic strings 10 / $15 bass sets $5

            Can't find it on their site.  May be over.

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          Squier - Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic '50s Electric Guitar - Desert Sand $149


          http://www.bestbuy.com/site/classic-vibe-duo-sonic-174-50s-electric-guitar/9298574.p?id=1218087594543&skuId=9298574&st=catego ryid$pcmcat151600050006&cp=1&lp=9


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            If you missed out on the Jet City JCA2212C combo $299.99 Stupid Deal of the Day last week, it's bigger brother, the 50 watt JCA5012C is now on sale for $399.99 direct from Jet City.  http://www.jetcityamplification.com/?deeplink_referrer=socialB_facebook/#!product/prd1/1342217051/jca5012c

            That's $300 less than M123.  It's a shame they dropped their price match policy.  Any other likely places to try to get an aggressive price match?


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            Hellomusic has the Line 6 M5 for $99.  That seems to be $30 less than anyone else if you can deal with HM's quirks.  (I've had waits for shipping but otherwise no issue with them in several transactions.)



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            Musicians Friend Cyber Monday Deals

            Too many items to list - just check the link and see if they have anything for you...


            MF Cyber Monday

            Keep posting and Happy Hunting and keep on playing!


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              SKB FootNote Amplified Pedalboard w/6" Eminence Speaker $49



              Looks kind of cool - $179 Elsewhere - currently OOS they expect more in 3-4 weeks





              • manyfacets
                manyfacets commented
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                Bought the (SKB Footnote) for $99 with the gig bag from AMS 12 days ago. Gave them a call for kicks to see if they'd do anything even though it's oos and no gig bag. They credited my visa $20. Thanks for posting!

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              Skullcandy  Headphones  $10  (Regular $60)

              http://www.bestbuy.com/site/ncaa-college-series-oregon-over-the-ear-headphones/3073424.p?id=1218377778295&skuId=3073424&st=skull\ %20candy&cp=3&lp=3


              Free "ship to store"


              (Might be useful for late night practicing, or a great gift idea this Holiday Season)

              Roll Tide!!


              (could not find this listed on SlickDeals or Fatwallet... once listed there, they will be gone)

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              Bah! Humbug!


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              Vox Delaylab $186.98 less $80 mail-on rebate from Vox = $106.98

              After missing the Night Train deals last year waiting for a pricematch I jumped on this.


              • hausmann
                hausmann commented
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                I jumped on the NightTrain last year.  Never did get the $100 rebate; I don't think anyone did.

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              N-Tune On Board Chromatic Electric Guitar Tuner For Single Coils $7.99




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                Fender Pawn Shop Series '51 Electric Guitar, Maple Neck - Black   410.32


                http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UUDABC/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A24MPQ2OH O645E




                Only 2 left,,Sam Ash matched it today with Free Ship.



                • Steven Right
                  Steven Right commented
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                  AMS Would not match it bc it was under cost..