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Anybody work for a non-profit?


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  • Anybody work for a non-profit?

    I think I just got a job but I don't want to turn into one of those bat **************** crazy sidewalk preachers by the time summer is over. It's cool and I believe in the cause I just don't want to be seen as a liberal hippie tree hugging vegan.
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    Sometimes it feels like I do! I keed.

    My only suggestion is work with a nonprofit that has their **************** together. What I mean by that is they have specific legislation written or being written before you go out and collect names for them and their work. I've seen far too many left leaning people get suckered into bull**************** organizations who send good spirited hardworking people out to collect names and money for no real purpose at all. So don't go to a door looking like a sucker, "Do you want to give money to save the trees?" And a guy like me says, "maybe, do you have something for me to read, like a history of your organization's legislative victories or maybe the current verbage of something you are working on or involved with now?"

    Unfortunately, also a lot of good well-meaning organizations behave a lot like your first garage band did, "Hey I got the album artwork done, maybe now we should write 11 songs?"


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      I volunteered last summer for philly's child advocacy center, and i gotta say it felt really good doing that work. If its for a good cause, you'll feel great doin the work, not to mention you'll make a buck or two
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        Sea Shepard?
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          Does it count if your place of work doesn't make any money?
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            The venue i work at is a non-profit. It works pretty nice for me as i don't pay taxes unless i make over a certain amount each year, which i didn't.
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              What is it?
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              Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

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                I work for a cub scout camp! For 70 a week! YEAH
                none at the moment

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                  Over the years, I have worked for 4 different churches. Nice gig, although they don't take out state taxes, so I always had to pay in every year.
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                    some of them non profit joints give out killer bonuses to keep their non-profit status.


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                      I hear ACORN is great place to work, BTW.

                      You just need to sign up a few Donald Ducks and Mickey Mouses as Democratic voters (maybe a couple of dead guys, too) and then the Prez will make sure you get your small cut from one of the bailout packages.
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                        I direct a long term recovery program. We do not charge our clients for their time with us.
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