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  1. Exile Central is doing fine. It's all a phase at Harmony Central, and exile central is constantly growing. Check out the Alexa data: Yeah, HC got a huge bump from 2.0 launching, but now they're pretty much dead. But what's that slight uptake in the last day? Zoom into trailing 7-day view: 40% increase since word of 1.0 legacy got around. Pretty impressive, but it's a band-aid. They're going to take away 1.0 eventually, so it's just going to sink back even further when they officially go all-2.0. That's great. We've got a great community at exile already. Better than HC. Check out the time spent on site between exile and harmony: We've got people spending 5 times as long on exile than on HC. People on exile are more engaged, and people care less about HC. Let's look at the time spent on HC in the last month: Even before 2.0 launched, people were only spending about 4.5 minutes on the site. Notice the 62% change in time spent on HC since yesterday. The future of Harmony Central is tied to 1.0 and vbulletin. the future of exile central isn't tied to anything. That's awesome. I'm thinking with everybody running adblock, the harmony central forums were bleeding Guitar Center/Musicians Friend/whoever owns this site dry. Whoever owns the HC forums just wanted to get rid of it, but to just shut off the servers would be insane - that would be a huge hit to the GC/MF brand. Instead of turning it off, they decided to make it crappy.
  2. Yeah. I went to the worst show ever tonight. Nine bass players in one band. All but one of them were playing "lead bass" too. There was a good drummer, and one bass player had taste, but the rest of it was a muddy mess of sound combined with endless wanking. Also, one of the upright bass players couldn't hear that he was out of tune the entire time. Longest {censored}ing hour of my life. damn.
  3. The last few hours before a forum loss of every post for 2 months/server switchover is great. Sesame Street gape, love it. This {censored} isn't going to fly by tomorrow morning. I want things on topic when I get back. So I can drag you all down with me.
  4. oh, the nuclear a-bomb. glad you could clarify.
  5. ICP are fine upstanding Detroit citizens and I'm the richest man in Somalia, what's your point?
  6. Can OP just edit his first post and put "Ctrl+F (your user name)" in there. save some people some time. Hmm.. I'm not on here, but at least now I have a list of people to destroy. win some, lose some.
  7. arse(hole)nist? I don't know if god exists, but I do know one thing: If he does, god is a {censored}ing asshole. If you think about this, it makes perfect sense. If somebody goes around violating our moral codes and social standards, they're considered an asshole. Do you know what these moral codes and social standards are based on? Reciprocity. Just think about what a being who lives outside time and space could do to anyone here on earth. Really, all the atoms in your body could lose cohesion at any moment, merely on god's whim. You could get a flat tire on the ride home from work today, merely on god's whim. Here's the thing, though: you can't do a thing about it. What are you going to do to god? Punch him in the face? I think he'll see that coming. Are you going to sue him? Please. If our moral codes and social standards are how we define an asshole, and god has no reason to follow these codes and standards, why we he be nice? God is a morally ambiguous asshole. Don't tell me you wouldn't do crazy, random {censored} to random people if you were omniscient and had unlimited power to move everything from galaxies to grains of sand. You'd be a {censored}ing asshole too if you had god's powers.
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