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  1. Reverb: something springy and splashy. not cascading post rock crescendos. Boss HM-2: great pedal, but I really haven't found a use for it. I'll trade it +/- cash for a reverb or an octave pedal or a tremolo, maybe something else (pretty open-minded. doesn't have to be effects). The Level shaft snapped off sometime before I got it. Pot still works fine. I'm also looking for a midi pad/controller.
  2. please buy! I need cymbals. Price is negotiable.
  3. Ah, man. That's a good deal... I will definitely think it over! Or post a thread bout it.
  4. Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Way Huge Green Rhino Boss OC-3 Octave I have a boss hm-2 (great condition except volume shaft, although pot works fine) I'll trade +/- cash for any of those. HM-2 sounds great, but it just doesn't fit with what I'm doing right now.
  5. I have a boss hm-2 (great condition except volume shaft, although pot works fine) I'll trade with a little cash from your end for the GT-OD
  6. I have a boss hm-2 I'll trade for the TS7 and DD3 plus or minus cash. Great condition, except for a broken volume shaft (pot still works just fine)
  7. JMR

    WTT Boss HM-2

    bump. Looking for octave pedals as well or an acoustic geetar
  8. Still kinda want it, but there's a Classic 50 head that's cheaper and I like that, too...
  9. JMR

    WTT Boss HM-2

    Boss HM-2, Taiwan great pedal, only issue is the shaft on the volume pot is broken off. I haven't had any trouble adjusting it, though. I'm not itching to sell/trade this, but I am looking for: Tremolos Delays that can do stutters / sample-and-hold some distortion/od that would pair well with my OCD weird pedals. plus cash for guitars - teles, semi-hollows
  10. I'm interested. Pics?
  11. solidstate or tube, both are acceptable. especially interested in sunns (beta lead in particular), 90s peaveys. clean headroom is nice, but not a must. Looking for something that takes pedals well.
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