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  1. Finally got a CB30, 8 months after I started the thread. The new boxes look awesome in person, period. I've been using it just like the way I would on a real vox. Super bright and clean. (gain:0 treble:3 o'clock bass:9 o'clock) It reacts to pedals in that particular way too. I really really dig this pedal. Kudos to Catalinbread. That is about where I leave my CB30 and real AC30 dialed, Treble 2 o'clock, Bass 11 o'clock. Gain around noon. Thats for checkin this pedal out! If you have any questions feel free to let me know! nicholas@catalinbread.com
  2. That's your problem for taking me seriously. No reason to doubt a person.
  3. If it was the ultimate butthurt treehouse you'd have a key for sure. Remember that signature pic I put of a Jazzmaster up a behind for the handsome fella that owned that website? Man. That was sweet! Losing that pic was my only regret for deleting my account. And congrats for banning me posthumously, theres another group of people that do that!
  4. Wait, were you mocking the other guy, or is this for real? Haha. Consider me interested! Fire me an email, not joking.
  5. its all about teh ultimate butthurt treehouse I agree with this guy for once.
  6. I can sell 'em much cheaper than anybody. I keep it on the DL though. Just email and ask. nicholas@catalinbread.com
  7. Both dudes in the background looking at the booty? Oh... I didn't see those fellas until you pointed 'em out.
  8. This kickstarter shows a lot of promise: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1248373633/1130428578?token=869e739e Thanks /|/|/|/| for posting this one on Facebook.
  9. I though birthing thighs were a compliment? Admittedly not up to date on my thigh terminology. Thought it meant nicely shaped and as a side, great for holding teh babbys. But "eye rape"?!
  10. Birthing thighs? Or eye rape? How many women have you been with so far, whipper snapper? These thighs are perfect female specimen. (The more you've actually seen the more you realize all examples of thighs on women are perfect examples.)
  11. There is no invite system. The only way to get in now is to send me free {censored}. You were more than disingenuous about your slide playing on the Rick Moranis album "The Agoraphobic Cowboy"... So no I won't be sending you free stuff due to my genuine heart break upon discovering the truth.
  12. agreed with robo and renu and ispunk. no comparison even. if we keep this up we'll squeeze cbread out of the market with our consumer-friendly prices If that is your goal, fellas, I wish you luck! Unlike you folks, I can't say that the Octapussy is better or worse than your pedal. I do however, know how much it is worth.
  13. Wow, that's really clean Nic! How does it sound? Like an echo-reverb-rato! Actually the tube driven FAT dry path in this, the Binson Echorec and Howard's Echodrives were what drove me to make the Montavillian. I should make a video of this thing someday!
  14. I have one like this: Used to have a Fender Dimension IV
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