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EHX Analogizer any good?


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    it seems to make your signal duller, potentially a bit dirty, and with a bit of modulation. all those things + no discernable/worthwhile use =
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      Next month, they will be releasing the Sterilizer! Take all of that warmth and fuzziness out of your signal and run it through this digital pedal, which will clean up those unwanted artifacts.
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        I dig it. I just finished a band's album with it on every vocal (w/ Space after it for ambience)...It's cool because it's pretty full range...the dirt goes all the way from 20hz to 20khz for most things. I had to eq out some of the lower frequencies since it was covering the whole spectrum.

        I just did some bass with it, nice and dirty and gritty.

        Also did the post-digital 'warming up' after a hog on bass...worked great.

        May not be for everyone, but it does it's thang well, IMO.
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          yeah that might sound pretty good on vox, good idea


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            The old analog delay chips distort great and has a unique eq footprint.
            Dont knock it till you try it!
            There is no modulation.
            If you bypass the analog chip it acts as a full range LPB-1 boost but with NO tone change and even more gain.
            Lots of cool uses.


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              how do you bypass the analog chip? the blend control?


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                Yes with the blend control counter clockwise the chip is bypassed.
                It just pure gain with no tone color.
                With the blend counter clockwise and the gain counter clock wise its unity gain.
                On or off it sound the same.
                Gain up and its a BIG boost with out any coloring.
                Perfect for the people that thought the LPB-1 was bass heavy.

                how do you bypass the analog chip? the blend control?


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                  Alright I picked this up on Friday, hated it, brought it back on Saturday...haha

                  I got a decent volume drop that wouldnt go away unless the volume was maxed, it added a bit of noise as well unless it was maxed. The effect that it adds is very subtle and (similar to what others have said) kinda like a chorusy type of slight delay with maybe a hint of pitch shift maybe. Which wasnt too noticable unless the blend was up quite a bit and that added a slower attack to the strings which was annoying to me.

                  I really had the knobs in every position and wanted to like it but I found myself really digging the sound when it was off...haha. I was focused on using it for something to add to my clean tones, and if anything it took away from that.

                  I did like the clean boost capabilities. Very bright and sparkly sounded clear and crisp, but I alread have a clean boost so back to store it goes.