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  1. those are some new ones. I get a different band every time it seems...haha
  2. Song's called ASCENSION - (chapter 5). Recorded 01-31-14 at The Fire in Philly. Theres some live looper action in the begining, twinkly El Cap in the middle and fuzz/wah/octosynth towards the end.
  3. what with all the warnings on the side
  4. ON TOPIC! New pedal board patch bay day! Was looking for a patch bay to stick at the corner of my board and ease my setup time at shows. Found a guy selling them himself here.. http://pedalboardpatch.webs.com/ Has a power input with a swtich and an outlet on the side. Takes amp in, FX Loop, and a AUX 1/2 which can be used for amp channel switches.Gotta get some stereo cable after I hook this up. Something like $89ish w/Free 2 Day Shipping. I'll have pics when I have the board finished. This was the final piece.
  5. The RTG only has an output, so theres no "return" to go back into the loop. With the bypass looper I have now it cuts the guitar signal when engaged.
  6. alright, now we're talkin solutions....Ive tried to just use just the input of a bypass looper but it wouldnt work. It cuts off the input signal and just lets the RTG play. I want both signals together. So the momentary thing is a good idea, but wouldnt that work the same way as my bypass looper? Its like I just need another "line in"
  7. I'll check this out later on when I'm home with speakers.
  8. Kunk Fu Necktie's an awesome venue. Might have to keep that date in mind.
  9. goodhonk wrote: Looks like a good solution that covers all bases. This thread is now about sandwiches. I'm on it! This is all from the same place that makes that Phat Mantua Sandwich. Italian Hoagie, meatball parm, pizza cheesesteak, plain cheesesteak, Fried Panzorotti, Cheesesteak Hoagie Pizza, funnel cake fries, cheese fries, regular fries, garlic parm chicken wings, vanilla shake, and some orange crush
  10. Empress Buffer + Boost As a Patch Bay...Anyone have one or contemplate having one? Thoughts and Opinions Appreciated. I've always wanted a patch bay at the corner of my board to simplify setting up at shows. And now its looking like it's a mandatory addition with the way I'm rearranging my board. I'm really trying to get something at Guitar Center really quick cause I'd like to finish this weekend. GC's got the Empress Buffer + Boost for $149 and the plan buffer for $99. Would there be any issues with having 2 bypass loopers going through it? One in the FX Loop and one into the Amp. Tuner out's kind of nice too. Any alternatives? http://proguitarshop.com/empress-buffer-1.html
  11. I'm rewiring my board to ad a true bypass looper in my FX Loop. Its always been a little noisy so I figured I'd take everything off and add each pedal in. Everythings pretty quiet except for the RTG mess. Ive had the RTG going through a small volume pedal and into a Live Wire ABY pedal. For those that dont know, the RTG only has an output so I'm limited to how I can wire it. Basically my guitar goes in the "A" side and the RTG goes in the "B" side and I hit "A&B" when I want to use it. I was thinking of finding an ABY with a volume knob but wanted to know if this is the best way to do it. When engaged the RTG is faint in the signal when its bypassed at the ABY. Why is that? How else could you wire it in?
  12. Alright so if it doesnt matter too much would the stuff from radio shack be alright? What size?
  13. I was all set to start rewiring my board this weekend and I forgot all about shrink tubing. I was going to just grab some from radio shack if it's not that important. But I'll assume it's not something I want to skimp on. So what kind or size/thickness do you guys recommend?
  14. I thought that at first too, but in the description it says it can be set to control both I guess... "New to Ditto X2 Looper is a stereo I/O and a 2-button User Interface that allows for a dedicated stop/clear footswitch and a button for effects."
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