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  1. We have an anechoic chamber at university, it's horrible in there
  2. Brent, what's the VL saying?? Dunno anything about it. Ohhhhh thanks lots Tom. Good points. Yeah I like chewy analog choruses but also deep digital choruses. Maybe I should have one of each... There is no budget really, if the pedal is good enough, I'll find the money for it somehow. The Mr Black tip is especially on point, just got a Supermoon Chrome to accompany my Eterna (which really should fullfill all my chorus needs but...). I know nothing of the Analogman one, deets? Aaaaand yeah I'll check out the Ibanez Twin Cam too. Thanks!
  3. Things that I like the sound of are the Boss Dimensions and the Greenhouse Effects Stonefish Chorus is quite pretty also. Macaduche never shuts up about how good the Retro Sonic Chorus is and how it's better than the CE-1/everything so maybe I'd be tempted to try one of those. I also reallllllllllly like the deep gushyness of the Strymon Mobius's multi delay line thing but that ****'s crazy. Also Yamaha FX-50s got that reverb > delay > chorus patch that's Slowdivejizzumfest, I'd actually consider some rack/minirack recommendations maybe if there's something really crazy/excellent out there. In terms of cheapies I know them DOD FX60s are pretty sweet though I think they might go for a bit more than I'm expecting, I guess there's also Boss's, any advice on those?? Expecting Maca and Ren to be big helpers here, pls come chat friendz.
  4. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fender-pa-100-valve-amp-for-sale/1019758012#photo-content Is smudge\_lad still around? Don't even know if he still comes here. Either way, cool stuff.
  5. Just dropped him an email but not sure if he uses that anymore.
  6. Red Panda tickle me lovely. Can't wait for the Subdivision. Foldover distortion yeaaaaaaa.
  7. See they need to repair reality so the forum can work.
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