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Preferred string gauge/scale length/tuning?


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    Right now, it's an 11/12 hybrid set on an Esquire in standard tuning. They're all D'Addario XL's, but the low strings are pulled from an 11 set, and the high strings are pulled from a 12 set, so it ends up looking like this (from low to high):







    It was totally accidental (I tried to change the whole set to 12s, but the nut slots couldn't handle the thickness of the wound strings), but it actually sounds really great. The strings balance nicely from top to bottom and overall it feels good.
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      9-46 on 24.75 and 25.5" scale in E, drop-D and (rarely) open G.

      10-52 on 22" in standard.

      40-100 on 34" basses in E and drop-D.

      45-110 on 30" basses in standard.

      130 low B on 34" 5 string basses.

      35-90 flat wounds on 34" fretless basses with piezo pickups in standard.

      25-95 on 30" scale 6 string bass tuned E to E.

      22-28-32-22 on 18" ukulele tuned to open C6th.

      edit: just measured my kala Ubass strings. The low E is a 19" scale 230! That's thicker than some of my speaker cables.


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        Quote Originally Posted by hivedestruction
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        I have DR 11-50's on all 3 of my electrics (2 Gibson scale, 1 Tele), also all are tuned a half step down from standard. I've used the DR 11-50's for about 8 years now. Tried a few other sizes, kept coming back to the 11-50's. I'm just super used to them I suppose.

        My experience with the DR 11-50s is identical. I'm so used to 'em now that nothing else ever sticks. I recently learned it's an almost perfectly balanced set to boot. Not sure how much that matters but it can't hurt I suppose....

        Quote Originally Posted by christianatl
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        Fender scale, dropped C, 13-56.

        You talking standard 25.5" Tele scale or 24" Mustang short scale? Or both??
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          24" scale; 11-50 flatwound; standard tuning


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            E or Eb, 10s, whatever guitar
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              Flatwound 13s on my fretless, tuned to (low to high) - B F# C F G# A

              Ernie Ball somethings, 10-46 set on my usual guitar, tuned to drop D.

              Both are 25.5" scale length, haven't played anything else in my life, so I dunno.
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                That is all.
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                  I use Rotosound 11-48 on an Ibanez RG with 25.5" scale length.

                  I love these strings; they are very nice. I've been using them for 3 years or so now. They last ages under my fingers, too; it's been months since I last restrung (I don't remember when it was) and they're still tolerable
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                    I really don't have any set rules with string/gauge and scale length. I just sorta check out the guitar and make the call.

                    I use 10's on my Charvels. (25.5") I use 11's on my Cyclone II. (24.75") Then I use 11's on my Fapocaster (modded MIM, 25.5")

                    I generally like 11's on Telecasters, and Semi's as well. 10's on most LP style guitars... though it's been awhile since I've had one, perhaps I'd like 11's more now.

                    99% of the time I'm in E Standard tuning. Tried and true.
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                      11's 25.5" scale brand doesn't really matter to me that much. i usually use d'addario or ernie ball.
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