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  1. I am have my own demo studio but no band and no gigs. Right now I am using one spots for all my dirt and single pedals. I have a time line, möbius, lex, and el capistan that run off the power supplies that came with them. I am looking for a power supply that can run 4-5 pedals plus 2 of the big strymon units. Preferably with out breaking the bank.
  2. I am not a heavy tremolo user but when I do use it is a tr-2, mobius, or AC-15.
  3. I am looking at getting a new mic. I am getting a guitar center gift card from work as a graduation present. It should be around $140. I have the basic mic shure 58 and 57, AKG perception 420, CAD condenser, and a MD421 which is my go to guitar mic. I don't have a lot of cash to add to it. I was thinking of the MXL r144 or possibly the AKG perception small diaphragm condenser. Has anyone had experience with the mics or have others in this price range to suggest?
  4. I got one too. For $55 it is a no brainer. Sounds great and fun.
  5. I thought guitars and pedals were just something people bought to compensate for other inadequacy I never thought of practicing.
  6. I am not in band. I am finishing school now so there is not time for it. I am just a sound enthusiast. That being said I typically use 8-10 pedals on a board when I go play with friends. I keep around 60 at home for recording demos and fun. I have an addiction to fuzz.
  7. I did not want to buy this guitar. I am a huge Pumpkins fan and I don't want to be the guy who buys everything that my favorite guitarist put out to sound like them. Once I played it though I loved it. It wasn't just giving me the 90's rock sound I found unique sounds that still make me excited to pick up this guitar and play.
  8. as I said before I have 2 main guitars a Billy corgan Strat and a 2007 les paul studio. until May 08 this was my main guitar then I got the Les Pauland until Jan 2009 It was used for alot of leads and rhthyms in my recordings that is when I got my Billy Corgan strat. It still sees quite a bit of use for recording work and when playing with friends when we are playing Sabbath or even some Pumpkins songs (I think that it gets some of the Pumpkins sounds better than the Billy Strat.) over all a great guitar if you can find one.
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