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  1. Whores is probably the greatest name I've heard, srsly. Other than that, Brand New, The Dead Weather, Holy Fuck.
  2. Love my LPB-1 to death. It seems to me it's a bit on the bassy side (the curcuit has pretty low input impedance, IIRC), but for the tones I'm looking for, it's welcome. It sure isn't the cleanest/most transparent boost out there, but it's great nonetheless.
  3. I have one - there's nothing on it, currently. But I plan on scanning my series of drawings and uploading it up there. Meanwhile, subscribe http://alcoholicbirds.tumblr.com
  4. I just don't feel their "groove". So I guess I'm in a minority here. But I've never been into stoner stuff that much - Acid King is a very cool band, the dreamy vocals are great; and of course, Electric Wizard, but mostly I don't get the genre.
  5. "And the Circus Left Town" is probably my fave album by them - "One Inch Man", "El Rodeo", "Gloria Lewis", "Catamaran" are good songs. However, I can't say that I'm a huge Kyuss fan - they're a good band, and stuff, but just a bit boring for me.
  6. Never really loved them. I enjoy some of their songs, but overall, the repetitiveness of them puts me off. The only song I really love is "Catamaran", or at least the clean parts of it. Dunno, they just seemed somewhat boring to me.
  7. I'm too lazy to find my thread, if you're talking about those bobby durst/pedobear/snoop dogg gifs.
  8. Went to a Belgian pub yesterday, tried Mort Subite Kriek Lambic - awesome cherry beer, drinks very easily Leffe Brune - great dark beer Bornem Double - another great dark beer, but it's 8%, so after two glasses of Kriek, one of Leffe Brune and one of Bornem Double I was a bit tipsy. Still, great stuff, expensive though.
  9. I tried it once, but my 1st string broke Drop D is enough for me at the moment.
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