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OT: I lost my job yesterday...

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  • OT: I lost my job yesterday...

    ... Went to unemployment office at 8:30, which is when they opened, there were bout 40 people in at the front door when it opened with me in the back.

    I was in and out in less than 18 minutes. Kinda sad if you really think about it. The have had soooo many people thru there that they have had to really put a ton of effort and resources into proccessing the large number of people looking for work. I'll have a job before any checks are cut but I wanted to play it safe.


    The Gainster...

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    that sucks. hopefully youll have another job soon.


    how long are we able to pull unemployment benefits now- 4- 5 years? the one time i was on it the limit was 6 months. its gotten pretty crazy but with the unemployment rate so high maybe it needs to stay this way for now.


    good luck.


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      Sorry man, mojo sent.  Good luck on the search.  How many people were working there if they were able to get you through so quickly?

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      • goodhonk
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        i feel for your gainster.   i know this is an uncertain time but take heart, i've yet to meet someone that says getting laid off was the worst thing that has happened to them, it's quite often the opposite.  keep your chin up!  

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      im about to be let go from my job in the next couple of months likely. probably going back to school after though.
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        mojos...means more practice time!

        Also dick swabs suck. a lot.

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          Definitely more practice time... that what I did! It really sucks, though. Good luck man, hope you can find something soon!

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        Sucks about your job but at least you've got that sweetass user name.



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          Good luck Mitch. Hope you find something soon and better.


          • Capt Beaver
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            66_skylark wrote:
            Good luck Mitch. Hope you find something soon and better.

            Thanks... I will. I truly belive things happen for a reason. The owner is a great lady. She's looking into buying a food truck for me. I could get behind that! I have 5 star skills that would be fun to bring to the food truck table. And what I mean by that is doing say taco's right... freash herbs cooked to order and simple. Clean fresh and simple is money!

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          Sorry to hear about you losing your job.  If you are interested in a food van is there any way you could start your own?  Good luck whatever you do.