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  1. That looks like protestant whiskey to me. Mmmmm...........delicious sectarianism.
  2. Man... That's the asian mindset for you. National identity comes before personal identity. Some of these people get disowned by their families for that bullcrap. They love some racism towards other people but get super butthurt when they are on the receiving end.
  3. Quote Originally Posted by BHz_econo View Post racist ...but funny. You must have missed my post earlier. Some pure televised racism for ya. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nsNHYYrvMrk
  4. Bit of a strange one here. It's a news program broadcast on a major Korean tv network that is one of the most racist videos I've ever seen. It reminded me of Brass Eye which was a comedy satire program. Sadly this video is very serious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsNHYYrvMrk&feature=player_embedded
  5. Not for the faint hearted. Click the link and scroll down to read. http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31&weekday=tue
  6. I am not Irish. I am English; distantly Scottish. Therefore, pouring scorn on everyone who is "conveniently Irish for the day", and declining to attend the social venues that they will gleefully ruin, is the order of the day. [And a nice dram of Scotch whisky, which I will enjoy with thankfulness for how much better it is than Irish whiskey. ] Scottish whisky is the best in the world but a friend of mine who works for a whisky company told me he was shocked at how good Japanese whisky is. Other people have confirmed that Japanese whisky is worth trying. Damn those Japanese. For a while, here in Central NJ, they stocked Beamish Stout. Oh, that was the best! Stout is my all-time favorite brew, even better than Belgian Trappist Ale, and Beamish is still the best I've ever tasted. I like Guinness a lot, hell, LOVE Guinness, but I'd dump a Guinness down the drain to get a Beamish! Sometimes I think there's GOT to be some Irish in me--I like the beer, the stout, the food....but I don't know if Irish Jews made it to the Ukraine...or even Budapest. Damn! Have you ever tried other ales? Deuchars IPA, Tennents Velvet, John Smiths, Belhaven, Kilkenny, and Boddingtons are all worth trying. After you try those look for some Kentish ales. My St Paddy's tradition is being consistently drunk the whole weekend. Similar to every other weekend actually.
  7. kick his ass then ask him what's up after.. but i would punch him first (till the colors fades) and ask later whats up! I totally agree with you guys. I think being violent without knowing all the facts of any given situation is the best way to handle it. I would curb stomp his ass till he was stone cold dead. Then I would enquire as to the details of the situation. I'm not just saying this because I'm hidden behind my keyboard either.
  8. That situation is just depressing. Anyone, male or female, that is physically violent toward their spouse is worthless.
  9. Here's a link to a racist and anti-semetic Korean cartoonist, Rhie Won-bok. Not the best thing but interesting none the less. http://sites.google.com/site/joemondello/picturesandtranslationsfrommonnaraiunnar
  10. Here is an idea I have been thinking of implimenting in my band. Instead of trying to get the looper to loop chord progressions get the looper to loop a drone in the same key the song is in. Turn up your reverb pedal so it sustains a note for a while then record it with the looper e.g. if the song is in the key of g sustain a single g note. Record the same note in other octaves so it sounds full. Save the loop. You then have a drone that can be used regardless of tempo.
  11. TURN DOWN THE VOLUME ON YOUR SPEAKERS BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS. Consider yourself warned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVYawOFMXGM
  12. here is my new and current board, recently brought the blackstar and the small clone, have a boss tr2 on the way and also looking at adding an ehx cathedral and a boss rc2 Looks like that board could cover alot of different sounds. I like it. What is the Blackstar like?
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